Elevate Your Campus Services

Elevate Student Experiences, Simplify Your Workflow

Our platform empowers universities and community colleges to deliver outstanding student services, ensuring satisfaction and operational excellence.

Qless streamlines student interactions by combining walk-ins, appointments, callback queues, and virtual meetings -all in a single, unified platform

Delight Students With a Modern Experience

Allow students to sign-up for services remotely, enabling them to roam freely while they wait. QLess will automatically handle all communications and updates with students - all in real-time.

Real Time Alerts & Monitoring

Be alerted to service bottlenecks and long wait times, allowing managers to quickly identify a bad student experience

Campus Wide Analytics

Access analytics across one or multiple campuses to analyze staff productivity, service consumption and student trends - by department!

Virtual Meetings

Bring freedom to both staff and students with virtual visits via built in support for Zoom, Teams, and WebEx.

Transform your campus services today with QLess.


Improved Student Satisfaction

Happier students and happier staff - what's not to love?


Reduced Wait Times

No one likes waiting in line, with Qless your students get control back in their busy schedule.


Reduced No Shows

Choice translates to real dollars with less skipped appointments and more students served.

Higher Education

Trusted by organizations just like yours.

Bring visibility and performance to every department.


The Anxiety Free Solution

"The QLess solution has truly been an enhancement to the way CPSD conducts business. People used to have anxiety about coming here – now they look forward to it."
Angela Mason-Johnson
Director of Staffing Services, Chicago Public Schools

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