5 Ways to Improve Government Office Customer Service


Citizens make time in their day to pay bills, apply for permits, or obtain information regarding other government policies and procedures to keep their homes and properties rule-compliant. However, walking into a busy office and seeing disgruntled office staff serving others who have been waiting for hours can make these simple tasks seem never-ending, frustrating, and unproductive. Improving customer service in government is a priority.

Some citizens have turned away after waiting simply because they have the wrong paperwork in hand. Others are deterred and walk out of the door because queue control is nonexistent. Without a plan in place, your government office can become an unproductive and cluttered area with a negative reputation. Enhancing your local government customer service strategy is a priority, but staff are often overwhelmed by high volume at peak periods and lack the support they need. See how QLess technology can help improve customer service in government in just five simple steps.

1. Queue Control

During peak times, the lineup at your local office can quickly get out of control. Many good citizens work hard during the day and rush in to finish a few simple tasks before going home to cook dinner or take care of their families. This is when office staff often feel they lack the support they need to help serve visitors in a timely manner, so shorten your queues to improve customer service in your government office.

  • Now, cloud-based technology allows visitors to schedule appointments in advance and wait how they want.
  • Help your staff remotely direct customers to visit the office during off-peak times.
  • Eliminate lineups by allowing visitors more choice as they enter the virtual queue either on-site or remotely.

QLess uses FlexAppointments to integrate scheduled appointments with walk-in customers. Text reminders reduce no-shows and allow visitors to reschedule appointments or ask for more time as needed. Controlling your office queue will improve flow within weeks and is a powerful way to improve customer service in government offices.

2. Increase Satisfaction

Queue control technology is a proven local government customer service strategy that helps increase staff and customer satisfaction. In fact, our clients have observed an improvement in customer satisfaction by up to 100%. Here are just a few of the ways QLess can help improve customer service in your government office:

  • Staff productivity can be boosted by up to 90% as you integrate this technology alongside your current system.
  • As long wait times disappear, customer satisfaction can be monitored using our virtual feedback surveys.
  • Allow administrators more peace of mind as they can effectively schedule more staff during peak periods.

The days of guesswork are over. Take the mystery out of your local government customer service strategy, shorten wait times, and allow your local office to keep visitors in the know through voice messages or text notifications. See why other offices across six continents are so satisfied with their QLess experience.

3. Service-Informed Data


One of the benefits of using QLess to improve customer service in your government office is that it often comes with feedback surveys that allow administrators to inform staff training and target areas for improvement in customer service. Using this information, your office can improve the quality of service faster and more efficiently.

  • Skip mailing the paper survey, and instead allow your customers to complete their feedback form right after an appointment using SMS feedback surveys.
  • Give feedback right after an appointment, while the experience is fresh.
  • Collect important data such as service time, the reason for visit, and customer information.

Many citizens are relieved by their change in waiting experience, and surveys reflect their satisfaction quickly. Take a look at some of the reasons your visitors will love using queue control technology in your local government office.

4. A More Inviting Office

Once your office procedures are effective, another way to improve customer service in your government office is creating a brighter and quieter space. First impressions matter, and making your office an inviting and open space helps increase customer service satisfaction. Here are just a few ways QLess will open up your office:

  • Decreased crowding means that you can now place more comfortable waiting areas in your office. Think couches and comfortable stools instead of cheap plastic chairs anchored to the floor.
  • Repurpose now-empty space by renting out the area to a local coffee shop or bakery to give your visitors even more waiting options.
  • Decorate your space with greenery such as plants or indoor gardens. You don’t need that space for extra bodies anymore.

Using QLess to improve customer service in your government office may well free up entire areas of your building for other use, thanks to effective queue control. You may well find that you can downsize over time or simply create a nicer atmosphere for your hard-working citizens.

5. Prepare for the Unexpected

After a natural disaster or other catastrophic events, the pressure to serve customers quickly increases exponentially as citizens try to put their lives back together on a short timeline. Using queue control measures is even more important in times of need.

  • Citizens can wait in a virtual queue while taking care of other problems to help repair damage to their property or livelihoods.
  • QLess technology can help justify additional budget increase requests by effectively tracking the hours that staff work overtime.
  • Let us help your office fill in the gaps efficiently as cancellations may become more frequent in times of need.

Having a queue control plan in place is a necessity for improving customer service in government offices. Using technology that helps you navigate a sudden influx in office volume is paramount to your business reputation. Your goal is to ensure that every visitor is seen quickly and obtains the information they need.

Put QLess to Work Now

No additional hardware is needed to begin the transition to improving customer service in government offices. With a proven strategy to help your office succeed, see why innovative companies are so satisfied with our government management system. Join other success stories and improve your local government customer service strategy and queue control today. Contact QLess today and request a demo now.