Get Back to the Game with QLess

Next to strong academics and a high-quality student experience, college sports represent one of the great pillars of school spirit. They're also a great moneymaker, and not just in the form of millions of dollars of revenue. A top-performing sports program is correlated with larger alumni donations, more applications, and even a better academic reputation.

As American universities struggle with reduced public funding and increasing competition from online colleges and short-timeline bootcamps, they must focus on those aspects that differentiate them from these upstart competitors if they want to remain in financial health.

That's why sports are so important today. They're an opportunity for students and alumni to demonstrate pride in their team and their school and to revel in all the rivalries and excitement with friends and family. More than that, though, they help to foster a sense of community, which is important both to students - in the form of strong alumni networks and more marketable degrees - and to the university, in the form of higher retention rates, better graduation rates, and more alumni donations.

Unfortunately, if games are popular and well-attended like you want them to be, they can also create some unfortunate side-effects, particularly where lines are concerned. Games can result in skeleton crews at a variety of offices around campus, and students have a knack for finding that they need help at the worst of times. This makes a queue management system even more important during games than not, because it should be possible for some of your staff to attend games without impacting student satisfaction.

Here, digital queue management can make a big difference. An automatic system can space out the students looking for help according to the number of people available to help, and they can use their mobile devices to make these appointments instead of showing up in a crowd. With this in place, even a severely reduced staff population can help everyone in a calm and comfortable manner. Less stress for staff, and more help for students.

In short, college sports are an important part of life for institutions around the country, and QLess makes sure that that experience is just as smooth for people who don't get to go to the game. People scheduling themselves via kiosks or their phones can ensure that they get help with anything from financial aid to class transfer assistance, without the frustration of joining a mob of their peers to all ask for help at once. Use QLess to keep your offices running smoothly no matter how intense the game gets.