Healthcare and 5 star reviews. Yes it's true!

Most of the times, going to the doctor or to a hospital is not a pleasant experience. Besides not feeling ok, there are other factors such as filling forms and the inevitable queues.Obviously if we are sick, we want to be taken care immediately and that hardly happens. And even if we are not sick and it's a routine visit, we will still have to wait. The worst is that most of the times we have the feeling of losing time sitting in reception room just waiting, even without knowing when we are going to be called. We really understand how frustrating that can be.As you know, we have a solution for healthcare clinics and one of our main goals is to eliminate lines and give back time to our customers. The feedback is great and not only our customers are satisfied with the system, but also our customers' customers have noticed the difference.In their own words:

"For us, at Impact, it's a differentiator. It gives us an edge over our competition and fits perfectly in with one of our core values; respect for our patients and their time........... It's exactly what our patients have been asking for! A way to keep them informed of the wait." - Linda Ratner - CEO / President Impact Urgent Care -

And what Tom C. and Soeurette Kelly wrote in his 5-star review on Yelp and Google Reviews:"Today I came in for a flu shot and was reminded just how different Impact is from other clinics. A few months ago I was feeling horrible just before leaving for a trip to DisneyWorld. I came in and saw Dr. Ratner literally a few hours before my flight. I checked in online and waited less than 5 minutes. He checked me out thoroughly, sent meds to my pharmacy and got me feeling better fast! He and the staff took time to understand my situation and took great care of me. We had a fabulous time at Disney and the trip was saved by the wonderful folks at Impact! I can't imagine going anywhere else".- Tom C. -


"I came down with the flu on Christmas day, 2013. Next morning, my family doc could not see me so I went to Impact Urgent Care. Online check-in helped save me at least 2 hours of wait time (so many people were there with the flu! Obviously big outbreak in San Antonio!). They made the wait as comfy as possible. Very clean waiting room. Complimentary coffee. Lot's of seating. Once in, they were prompt and courteous. I highly recommend going to Impact Urgent Care. Would always do their online check-in (find it easily on their website)".- Soeurette Kelly -

Impact Urgent Care Hueber from 3 to 5 stars on Google reviews