In-Line Versus On-Line: Traditional Universities Can Compete with Digital Institutions

When it comes to choosing a college, today's students must grapple with a relatively new but crucial decision: will they strap on their backpacks and venture off to a brick and mortar school, or stay in their PJs and go to college online?There are indeed arguments for both, depending on a student's personality and learning style. If the student is a more of a hands-on learner who craves interactive discussion, then they would probably do better at a traditional university. On the other hand, if a student is not easily distracted and can learn in a more solitary environment, an online college might be the perfect match to earn a degree.In recent years, we've seen an enthusiasm for online learning and an increasing interest in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) - and the case for them has been bolstered by the simple fact that attending college from the comfort of one's home is considerably more convenient than moving into a dorm. Because, with on-campus life, what comes next is the unenviable task of having to stand in long lines for everything from registering for classes to shopping for text books to applying for financial aid.Today, however, technology is the great equalizer when it comes to student experience and convenience. Mobile applications and platforms like the one created by QLess can take the sting out of having to do the most routine - and usually inconvenient and time-sapping - business on campus. For instance, instead of waiting in an endless line to register for classes, a student attending a university using the technology can now be assigned a specific time to come to register; the student will get a text message informing them when they're appointed time is getting close. Now, for the first time since online learning came onto the scene, students can enjoy the tradition of an on-campus experience with the convenience that technology provides.If you'd like to learn more about bringing convenience to your university campus, check out this complimentary eBook "12 Ways to Satisfy Your Students While They Wait" for tips on how to improve student satisfaction.