QLess app now available for iPhone & Android devices!

What's the worst part about visiting the doctor or going to the DMV? For most people, the answer is "waiting in line."

We are thrilled to announce that the QLess app is now available on both iOS and Android devices! Effortlessly join a "virtual line" with our app. The real-time graphical queue manager and simple UI make it easy to track your place in line and arrive shortly before an appointment begins. With the app, you can also ask for more time, request status updates, or leave the line.

The average American spends more than two years of their life waiting in line. It's a waste of time, a waste of energy and productivity, and it leads to anxious customers and stressed employees. Make a doctor's appointment and show up on time, but a backlog or emergency might mean you still have to wait for hours. And if you walk into the DMV off the street, bring a book because you could be waiting all day.

With QLess, virtual queuing eliminates tedious waiting out of our lives. Using advanced algorithms to calculate forecasted wait times, QLess provides timely updates as you move to the front of the queue. Rather than going to the office to wait, you can arrive exactly on time. The result? By setting realistic expectations throughout your wait, you feel empowered and in control of your time. For businesses, this means no more guests driven to rudeness from wait-time anxiety.

Hundreds of retail stores, DMVs and government offices, healthcare clinics, colleges, and industrial facilities have joined the QLess network, with more coming online each day. QLess has already given the world over 1,500 years of wasted of wasted time back, and now it's just a quick trip to the App Store to save time in your life.