Upgrade Your Campus Student Management Software

Intro to Campus Student Management Software

Did you know that in the academic year from 2020-21, 2.1 million college students transferred institutions? This is actually a lower than typical number, but if there’s a lesson here for higher education institutes, it is that just because a student has enrolled in your school, it doesn’t mean they’re going to stick around. University and student success are dependent on a long-term partnership, where the college provides the student with a good education and experience, and the student provides tuition.

One of the ways many higher education institutions are pivoting to provide better service to their students is by implementing a student management software program. These are online resources that help organize day-to-day campus life in pivotal ways. Things like scheduling appointments and waiting in line are entirely transformed for both students and administrators.

A student management software solution will speed up and improve processes on campus in various ways. It will enhance communication between staff and students, reduce the need for long in-person lines, make scheduling and rescheduling appointments a breeze, and provide administrators with actionable data insights into the complex processes of campus life.

QLess is a student management software that provides staff and students with several powerful tools to transform how they access campus resources. QLess has three core services that colleges utilize: appointment scheduling, line management, and business intelligence. Combined, these three services transform workflows, improve the student experience, and give administrators a powerful software solution that drastically enhances campus life. Major schools from Florida State University to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology have pivoted to QLess school management software, with significant positive results.

Let’s explore how high-quality student management software can improve your campus.

Create A Modern Campus

The typical age of a higher education student right now is someone in Gen Z. Gen Z is the first generation to be fully raised in the internet age, and it widely impacts how they interact with the world. 95% of Gen Z owns a smartphone, 83% owns a laptop, and they are a tech-dependent age group that expects the colleges they attend to utilize the technologies they rely on. If you want to make your campus a place that is more aligned with the digital tendencies of your students, a comprehensive school management system goes a long way.

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for improved classroom technology as digital learning became the norm. These changes shouldn't stop in the classroom. Your entire campus should implement digital assistive technology that helps make students' and staff's lives as easy as possible.

QLess’ modern offerings can lead to a fully integrated campus. It is a single student management software that can be used and customized across departments. It allows staff to manage and track the flow of students and great better custom workflows for employees. QLess is a central database where students can schedule appointments, enter and exit lines, and communicate back and forth with staff members. Staff can classify appointment types, arrange appointments based on employees, and track important data like average wait times for departments, no-show percentage, and more.

QLess helps campuses modernize with an easy-to-use, customizable mobile-accessible solution for students. It aligns with the modern college students' desire for the use of technology on campus, all while improving how campuses function.

Improve the Student Experience

Student dissatisfaction is extremely high right now, according to a Yahoo report. 37% of students reported being unhappy with their learning right now. A lot of this has to do with online learning, but administrators should be focusing more than ever on what they can do to make their students happier. Navigating the bureaucracy of a university can be difficult and alienating for students. Spending time on paperwork, encountering difficulties scheduling appointments, and extended wait times are some of the challenges students run into.

These inconveniences can be eliminated with the right business operations tools. QLess is a cloud-based solution that makes both students' and employees' lives easier. With appointment scheduling, this isn't the hassle it once was. QLess allows for 24/7 mobile access, so students can schedule and change appointments at any time of day. The line waiting experience is also drastically transformed.

QLess eliminates the need for students to stand in long in-person lines, giving them the freedom to make the most of their day. With online access, students can check into a line, monitor wait times, and arrive at the offices in time for appointments. They can also message back and forth with staff with multi-channel communication tools. Staff can send out broadcasted messages to entire line-ups, contact students individually, and reduce the anxiety of waiting in line.

A Health and Safety Solution

COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone, but some reports indicate that university students might be taking it the hardest. Rising tuition, housing difficulties, disrupted education, and endless confusion has dealt college-aged adults a serious blow. The American Psychological Association reported that 6.1 out of 10 Gen-Z adults (18-23) report being highly stressed from the pandemic, more than any other age group.

Universities are stuck in a difficult situation, but they can find a better way to bring student safety to the forefront. Having classes online yet long in-person line-ups on campus for access to resources sends mixed messages to students. Student health can be prioritized by reducing the time your students spend waiting in line on campus.

QLess completely mitigates the need for physical line waits, making it a COVID-safe solution that allows campuses to react to the ebbs and flows of the pandemic in real-time. It will enable administrators to organize entirely virtual lines, maintaining order and efficiency while creating a more COVID-safe environment for students. Administrators can organize lines by appointment types and departments and communicate back and forth with students, so students don't need to enter offices until their appointments begin.

COVID-19 has already carried on for two years, and campuses have had difficulty adjusting to the endless compliance requirements, shifting policy, and student strains. Employing campus student management software will help create a safer and less stressful environment for faculty, staff, and students.

Track and Improve Your Operations

Keeping track of the day-to-day performance of different offices is no easy task without the right software in place. But administrators must be looking for ways to improve the operational efficiency of every department when it comes to student interactions. School management software can help universities by providing data insights into various factors that can illustrate areas of strengths and areas that need to be improved upon.

The QLess system tracks a variety of different metrics and student patterns, providing universities with custom reports that illustrate some need-to-know aspects of how their offices run. QLess can highlight actionable micro-trends in different offices, leading to universities streamlining their practices for better overall results.

Improving business processes comes from understanding areas of weaknesses, and a school management system can show you where your school might be going wrong. With data covering student progress metrics like average wait times and the number of students served per day, colleges can learn more about the structure of their typical day. They can also filter by data like appointment types, employees, day of the week, time of the week, and more.

These powerful tools help schools better structure their operations and employee workflows. The use of data analytics makes decision-making 5x faster for businesses, and with school management data from QLess, you can offer smarter, more agile services.


Administrators should always look for digital academic tools that can drastically improve how campuses function. Now more than ever, when COVID-19 has drastically changed the education environment, a smart solution that offers academic system integration and contributes to a safer campus is a massive asset to administrators and higher-education workers.

Campus student management software can completely change how students access campus resources, all while offering high-level workflow solutions to faculty. Colleges are susceptible to fallout from customer dissatisfaction, the same as any other industry, and the best way to avoid this is to optimize your college's processes and improve the student experience.

QLess is an all-in-one cloud-based student management solution with various top-notch features that can help universities improve their day-to-day processes. Whether students are trying to meet and make academic plans with advisors, schedule an appointment with a campus doctor, or access other essential resources, QLess can lighten the burden on both faculty and students.

For students, the ability to seamlessly schedule appointments at any time and check into and wait in virtual lines will transform the process of navigating university bureaucracy. For administrators, gathering important business intelligence, organizing lines based on appointment types and other factors, and creating custom workflows for employees will lead to a better-structured campus.

QLess is currently being used in campuses worldwide, transforming how students and faculty operate. It is a cloud-based solution that is mobile compatible, perfect for the digital tendencies of today's students. From campuses to doctors' offices and government buildings, QLess streamlines appointment scheduling, queue management, and customer flow. To see first-hand how QLess can fit with your operations, schedule a demo today.