CA DMV Challenge

True story: I had to visit the DMV this week to register my car. As an employee of a queue management software, I resent lines a little more than the average person because I know there is a solution that eliminates lines and waiting (ahem, QLess).  

When I arrived at the local DMV branch in Pasadena, it was really difficult to find a parking spot. Inside it was teeming with citizens – every single chair was taken and people lined the back wall. Just waiting.

I panicked – did all these people have appointments or were they walk-ins?  I’ll never know…

But at least I had the good sense to book an “appointment” (booking the first available 11 days ago). Alas, even with an appointment, I still waited 30 minutes. When my number was finally up, I asked the lady helping me, “It’s past 4 o’clock and you close at 5 – what happens to all these people waiting?” Her reply: “We shut the doors at 5 and have to process every single person.” I asked how late she typically stays after 5pm.  She flatly said, “Usually until 7pm. It’s really tough when you have little ones.”  🙁

That is two extra hours our DMV employees work – in overtime, to boot! 

 DMV employees start their day at 8am and stay until 7pm – is it any wonder they’re often disgruntled and unfriendly at the counter working 11 hour shifts most days? Not to mention, this is an extremely poor use of state budget spent paying 2 extra hours of overtime 5 days a week to thousands of employees.

Come on California! You’re the epicenter of innovative technology – we can do better than this!