CloudOps Senior Engineer (United States, CA)

CloudOps Senior Engineer (United States, CA)

Job Opening

Job Overview

Job Title:
CloudOps Senior Engineer

Department: Engineering

Reports To: CloudOps Team Lead

Location: United States, CA


About the Company

QLess is an appointment scheduling and queue management platform. The product is designed to help companies optimize customer flow: it combines intelligent ML algorithms, automation, and two-way text capabilities to empower customers to receive service when, where, and how they want. With this, organizations can provide customers with solutions that reduce the amount of time they have to wait in lines while also boosting productivity, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency. 

Our web-based software has given back over 6,000 years of otherwise wasted to our millions of users by allowing them to hold their spot in a virtual line using their cell phone instead of being stuck waiting in a physical line or waiting room. 

This is a great opportunity to join a highly professional, motivated, inspiring, and lively team where you can make a real difference.


About the Position

The Senior CloudOps Engineer, is responsible for deploying and maintaining cloud-based Platform and Infrastructure systems, ensuring that they are secure, scalable, and highly available. They must also optimize cloud costs and provide guidance to mid level and  junior team members while leading projects from inception to completion. At the application level, this person helps design, implement, and maintain critical feature, function, load, and performance-based testing. Critically, they must work closely with Development, Support, Implementation, Sales, Data, Product, and other cross-functional teams to ensure the smooth operation and monitoring of our cloud-based applications.  



-Design, deploy and maintain our cloud based systems, ensuring that they are scalable, reliable, and secure

-Implement and maintain infrastructure as code using tools such as Terraform

-Monitor and optimize the performance of our cloud infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime

-Mitigate risks and vulnerabilities as well as identify and resolve issues in our cloud based applications and services

-Develop and maintain documentation of our cloud infrastructure and related processes

-Lead projects and guide more Junior Cloud Operations Engineers

-Lead and effectively communicate with cross functional team members to ensure that our cloud-based applications are fully integrated and functioning as intended

-Collaborate with other teams, such as security and networking, to ensure the smooth operation of our cloud-based systems



-At least 4 years of experience in cloud operations or a related field

-Strong knowledge and experience in deploying and maintaining cloud-based solutions using

-Amazon Web Services (AWS)

-Strong knowledge of cloud infrastructure, including virtualization, networking, security, and storage

-Strong knowledge of containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

-Strong knowledge and experience with infrastructure automation tools (Terraform)

-Strong knowledge of CI/CD pipeline concepts

-Good knowledge of OOP, SOLID, and DRY programming principles

-Experience with Application Performance Monitoring and Visualization Tools (Datadog, Grafana)

-Understanding of the configuration management, and usage of Relational Databases (Aurora RDS, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

-Understanding of QA Automation Frameworks and Technologies (TestNG, Webdriver, Rest Assured, Robot Framework)

-Python, BASH, and Java (optional: GoLang)

-Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

-Strong written and verbal communication skills

-Ability to work collaboratively with other teams

-Ability to determine task requirements and follow through to full resolution


Nice-to-have Technical Skills

-AWS Certification(s) in related skill and application usage

-Strong expertise in database administration, including database design, performance tuning, backup and recovery, and data migration

-Load testing tools (JMeter, Squid, Gatling, etc)

-Process automation tools (ie: Rundeck)

-Manual testing tools (Postman)


Why Join QLess?

-A great opportunity to work in a global tech company

-Professional Development Reimbursement: we are committed to fostering the professional growth and development of our employees

-Flexible Working Schedule: we understand that our employees have diverse needs and responsibilities outside of work

-Health Insurance: we prioritize the health and wellness of our employees

-Bonus Allowance for (wellness and childcare): we recognize that taking care of personal well-being and family commitments is crucial

-Reward System: our tech company believes in recognizing and appreciating our employees’ hard work and contributions

-Paid Vacation: we value our employees’ well-being

-Annual Salary Review: we understand that fair compensation is a crucial aspect of employee satisfaction

-Social Events and Team Building: it is important for us to connect, bond, and create meaningful relationships outside of the regular work duties, ultimately enhancing teamwork and employee morale.

Come join us, and help us all spend more time doing and less time waiting.
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