QLess Transforms State DMV by Cutting Queues and Reducing Wait Time for Citizens

Increase in Citizens Served
Since implementing QLess, the DMV has experienced a 50% increase in the number of citizens served, indicating improved efficiency and reduced wait times.
Decrease in No-Shows
QLess has helped reduce the number of no-shows by 35%, ensuring that more appointments are utilized and resources are maximized.
Faster Response Time
The DMV responds to citizens 15% faster through a combination of voice and text messages, improving communication and service delivery.


QLess helped one of the largest Department of Motor Vehicles in the country to significantly reduce wait times, improve citizen satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency and economy of its operations while also boosting staff productivity and morale.

Instead of queuing up in endless lines, citizens join a virtual line via mobile device, the DMV website, or at an on-site kiosk and then are notified by text when it’s their turn.


Long lines and lengthy waits at the DMV frustrate everyone – from the citizens applying for and renewing licenses and vehicle registrations, to the government employees attempting to operate an efficient and economical operation.

Long lines intensify citizen irritation levels as they wait to complete DMV business, while government staff spends too much time managing traffic and dealing with complaints about the long wait times. The DMV needed a technology solution that would cut wait times and allow citizens and employees to complete transactions quickly.


With the QLess solution, citizens can reserve their place in a virtual line via mobile device, the DMV website, or at an on-site kiosks when they first arrive at the DMV. As their turn approaches, citizens receive real-time text updates with their estimated wait time and can text to request more time if they’re running late or reschedule if they need to come back later.

DMV officials can communicate with citizens through text messages, voice calls, and on the monitors on location with updates, and the solution even allows the DMV to alternate between voice and text messages, ensuring that they capture their citizens’ attention and respond 15% faster than they would through a single medium.

The QLess solution provides in-depth analytics of customer behavior and service metrics on no-shows, walk-aways, service duration and customer profiles, allowing the DMV to fine-tune its operations for even better performance.


Since implementing the QLess solution and significantly reducing wait times, the DMV has doubled citizen satisfaction. Additionally, with citizens experiencing the noticeable difference it takes to complete their DMV business, there has also been a massive boost in staff productivity and morale.

Insightful analytics provided by QLess allows the DMV to make adjustments to its operations for even greater efficiency. By enhancing the overall economy of the DMV’s operations, the number of citizens served increased by 50%, while the number of no-shows decreased by 35%.

Enhancing the DMV Experience with QLess
QLess has transformed the state DMV by cutting queues and reducing wait times. Citizens now enter a virtual line via mobile or kiosk and are notified by text when it's their turn. This innovative approach has doubled citizen satisfaction, boosted staff productivity, and increased the number of citizens served by 50%.

Improved Citizen Satisfaction

QLess has doubled citizen satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing a more efficient experience at the DMV.

Enhanced Staff Productivity

The implementation of QLess has boosted staff productivity and morale, as they spend less time managing queues and more time assisting citizens.

In-depth Analytics for Better Performance

QLess provides insightful analytics on customer behavior and service metrics, allowing the DMV to fine-tune its operations for even greater efficiency.

Efficient staff meet great patient care.

Today, QLess provides C-Labs with a single, unified solution for walk-ins and appointments that allows them to load balance customers, reduce wait times, and optimize capacity.
Allows customers to make an appointment, walk into a clinic, or remotely join the wait list, receiving text updates as to when they’ll be served.
Allows everyone to see the number of patients waiting and each one’s place in the queue.
Requires appointments for long-duration procedures, relieving pressure on C-Lab wait times, room availability, and phlebotomists.
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