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Shorter Lines, Greater Insights at Broward College

Academic Advising Visits
The high demand for academic advising among Broward College students highlights the need for efficient service delivery.
Students Returning Annually
The number of students returning to Broward College each year emphasizes the need for streamlined processes to handle the volume of activities such as class registration, financial aid applications, and academic advisement.
Line Elimination
While the exact percentage is not provided, the text indicates that QLess has helped Broward College move toward its goal of eliminating lines, indicating a substantial reduction in wait times for students.


QLess technology allows Broward College students to schedule appointments for activities such as applying for admission, applying for financial assistance, class registration, and gaining access to academic advising.Students no longer wait in long lines to access the services they need; instead, they register for appointments via on-site kiosks or with the help of student affairs staff using tablets. The students can then leave to engage in other campus activities and return at their appointment times to promptly and quickly complete their business.


Every year, 67,000+ students return to Broward College lining up to register for classes, apply for financial aid, and request academic advisement and tutoring. The peak of these activities typically happen at the same time each term with everyone showing up at once. The long lines and lengthy waits for services place a great deal of pressure on faculty and staff trying to assist their students.In addition to reducing the time students wait for services, a major goal for Broward College was to gain deeper insights into how to better provide those services, how effective they are, and how to administer them more efficiently.


While researching queue management systems, Dr. García discovered QLess and within a short period of time led the college-wide implementation of QLess technology across Broward College’s three main campuses and four centers. The goal was not only to reduce the amount of time students wait for services, but to also gain the insights to provide a college experience for students across all locations that is excellent and consistent.

Students access the QLess solution to register for appointments and services via on-site kiosks. During peak periods, campus staff circulates with tablets to assist students and help them schedule a date and time to return. The students can then depart to attend class, study, or participate in other campus activities, returning at their appointed times. Students receive regular updates via text or voice message with any delay or schedule change.

“The data we get from the QLess solution helps us chart the peaks in student activity so we can better plan and manage services,” said Dr. García. “By plotting when the peaks will occur, we can ensure that there we have enough staff at the right locations to assist our students in a timely way.

”Broward College is adding QLess features to conduct customer service feedback surveys and market campus activities and programs that may interest students. Additionally, students will be able to access the QLess app to schedule appointments via their mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.


While the QLess solution has helped Broward College move toward its goal of eliminating lines, another major benefit has been gaining access to insights from students. For example, QLess allowed the college to determine that academic advising at South Campus alone had over 28,000 student visits in 2014.“In higher education, access has historically been the primary priority but we have now moved into an era where student success is our top priority,” said Dr. García. “With QLess, we are not only able to see how many students used advising services, but who they are, how often they use that service, and how those services correlate to their academic performance. With this information we are able to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide.”Dr. García also cites that during an outage of their student information system, staff was able to use QLess to continue scheduling student appointments and gather key student data until the system was restored. Without QLess, all student services activity would have come to a halt.

Transformative Benefits of QLess at Broward College
Offering virtual lines, reducing stress, improving efficiency, ensuring a consistent experience, and maintaining services during downtimes.

Improved Student Experience

QLess has transformed the student experience by allowing them to join virtual lines for campus services, reclaiming their time and reducing stress. This has led to happier students and a more focused staff.

Enhanced Service Efficiency

By implementing QLess, Broward College has gained deeper insights into service delivery, effectiveness, and efficiency. This has enabled them to provide an excellent and consistent college experience across all locations.

Continuity of Services

During an outage of their student information system, staff was able to continue scheduling student appointments and gather key student data using QLess. This ensured that student services remained operational even during system downtimes.

Efficient staff meet great patient care.

Today, QLess provides C-Labs with a single, unified solution for walk-ins and appointments that allows them to load balance customers, reduce wait times, and optimize capacity.
Allows customers to make an appointment, walk into a clinic, or remotely join the wait list, receiving text updates as to when they’ll be served.
Allows everyone to see the number of patients waiting and each one’s place in the queue.
Requires appointments for long-duration procedures, relieving pressure on C-Lab wait times, room availability, and phlebotomists.
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Improved college experience With QLess
Dr. Rolando García
South Campus President at Broward College

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