How C-Lab Eliminated Lines and Improved Patient Care in the Process

Waiting Time Reduction
Fewer No-Shows: Dramatically reduce missed appointments, optimizing your resources.
Idle Time Reduction
Improved Operations: Streamline operations to cut down service times, enhancing patient experience.
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Maximum Waiting Time
Increase in Customer Satisfaction: Happier and healthier customers as the shared goal.

The Challenge

Until recently, receptionists at C-Lab were responsible for greeting patients, checking them in, noting their arrival, service, and departure times, and entering that information into the facility’s databases. But after an organizational restructuring eliminated receptionist roles, patients were asked to sign themselves in and record the time of their arrival.

“Without a receptionist, the phlebotomists—the lab workers that draw the patients’ blood—became responsible for several time-consuming tasks,” says Patricia Childs, supervisor at C-Lab. “We had skilled medical professionals spending precious time summoning patients and performing data entry. Not a sound approach.”

The Solution

C-Lab needed a unified appointment and queue management solution that could manage both appointments and walk-ins, leveraging information derived from patient visits. This data provides valuable, real-time insights about lines, locations, productivity, and workflow that helps businesses improve internal efficiencies.

QLess was a perfect fit for C-Labs as it has been shown to:

  • Provide reporting via Excel spreadsheets that allow users to sort the data in any way necessary
  • Replace manual processing of large amounts of data
  • Speed up or slow down your audio
  • Provide valuable reporting on staff efficiency
Capabilities and Results

“The staff absolutely loves QLess because you can manage patient visits from a single location.” - PATRICIA CHILDS

Complete Visibility

Everybody can see the QLess system, the number of patients waiting and each one’s place in the queue. Patients are now summoned via QLess rather than a clipboard.

Real Time Analytics

“I use QLess reporting features to get a clearer idea of staffing needs, so I can adjust budgets and schedules,” says Childs. The ability to identify trends gives me insight into future requirements and highlights areas we need to streamline.”


QLess gives C-Labs visibility into each phlebotomist’s job performance. “Any kind of under-performance can alert me to a problem,” says Childs.
What our clients say
"The staff absolutely loves Qless. It's our receptionist, secretary, and data entry all in one!"
Patricia Childs
Supervisor, C-Lab

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