Is your DMV still using the take-a-number system for servicing customers? Still setting DMV appointments with phone calls? Those are the old ways of doing things! Make life easier for your customers (and employees) with queue management software and automated appointment scheduling. Get rid of the frustration that breeds in crowded DMV waiting rooms by letting customers wait wherever they want.

Get in a Virtual Line at DMV

Everybody dreads going to the DMV because they know they’ll likely take a number and wait in the crowded waiting room for hours. And those hard benches and chairs don’t give you any extra comfort while you wait. But what if you could change the way people view a trip to the DMV altogether? The Qless app gives customers a satisfying experience because it allows them to wait anywhere. Instead of being chained to the DMV waiting room, they can spend their wait time at local businesses or even wait in the comfort of their own home. Qless software lets customers get in a virtual DMV line via the website or app. 

Easy-to-Use Queue Software 

Customers needing to renew a registration or other regular business can use the DMV’s website to get in line while they’re still at home. Or, they can use the app or on-site kiosks to join the virtual queue. Either way is a simple process that’s easy for customers to understand. Once they get in the DMV virtual line, they receive updates about their wait time in voice or text messages sent straight to their cell phones. As their turn approaches, the Qless app directs them to the correct window for service.

Give Customers Back Their Time 

No one loves having to wait. But with the Qless app, customers can spend their wait time doing what they feel is a good use of their time. They may want to grab some lunch or pick up a few items at the grocery store. But what if the restaurant is taking longer than expected, or traffic got backed up? There’s no worry about missing your turn with Qless. If a customer needs some extra time, they can simply request it through the app. They are moved back a bit in the queue instead of having to start over at the back of the line.

Schedule Appointments Online

The Qless queue management software also includes appointment scheduling technology for use on your website and app. This automated feature takes a load off your employees. You’ll reduce your no-show rate with automated confirmations and reminders for customers that have set a DMV appointment. Qless FlexAppointments will also integrate walk-ins to fill gaps in the schedule. 

The Qless software has many back-end features and benefits that will make bookkeeping and weekly reports a breeze. Qless will create much more satisfied customers and happier employees for a complete customer service solution. Contact Qless today to request a free demo.