Removing lines from the citizen experience.


Join From Anywhere

Citizens join a line or schedule an appointment from wherever they are via mobile device, website, QLess app, onsite kiosk, or API — eliminating the need to wait in line for service.

Alerts & Communication

Citizens are sent automated alerts to let them know their place in line, estimated wait time, and when to arrive for their appointment -- allowing them to wait where they want -- in their home, at the office, or at a coffee shop.

Streamline Services

Citizens are served upon arrival and are able to return to their day with minimal disruption -- keeping them happy and improving their experience.

Improve Operations

With greater visibility, no lines and happier citizens, employees are more efficient and productive -- creating smarter, more effective operations.

Reduce the number of people waiting in line by up to


Elevate staff productivity by up to


Improve customer satisfaction by up to


Line Management and Appointment Scheduling for Governments & Municipalities 

Watch this short video to learn how QLess is eliminating lines, streamlining processes, and improving the citizen experience.

Queue Management across Government Departments

Qless works with a wide range of different governmental agencies to improve how they manage interactions with their citizens. 

Tax Offices
Manage tax payer appointments.

Permit Offices
Simplify government permitting.

Departments of Labor
Virtual appointments for citizens.

County Clerk Offices
Reduce missed appointments.

Court Houses
Improve citizen queuing.

Manage representative access.

Ports / Port Authorities
Reduce government wait times.

Make the cities run smoother.

Streamline town services.

Improve city services.

Police Departments
Focus on the right activities, not lines.

Social Services
Queue management for all people.

City Government san antonio
Municipal Line Management
City of Milwaukee
County Government of Fairfax
King County Queue Management
City of Orlando

"QLess has helped address a frustrating situation resulting in happier customers and staff. The queuing platform has made it possible for thousands of people to avoid waiting in line each year."

Maria Petersen | Manager of Police Administration | Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Smarter city and government line management.

Reduce government administrative time.

Improve the citizen experience throughout all government offices.

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How our queue management features improve government and city experiences.


Enable city officials and administrators to see live, at-a-glance views into queue performance.


Improve government workers visibility to all appointments and create custom fields per location.

Mobile App

All city and town residents to schedule and manage appointments on their phones.

Remote Join

Citizens can text a keyword to a designated phone numbers and stay up to date with text alerts.

Bi-Directional Communication

Governments can communicate with citizens on their preferred platform: text, email, or mobile app.

Citizen Feedback

Send a pulse survey via automated text message after each visit to gain insight into their experience.

.gov Website Integration

Direct citizens to a website where they can access direct links to join virtual queues or schedule appointments.

API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate QLess with existing government systems through APIs.

Why governments must improve citizen experiences.

Citizen Experience (CX) is defined as the sum of all experiences a person may have with any agency in your government. Since governments are often a sole-source service provider (e.g., there’s only one place to pay taxes, or get a driver’s license), the experience is even more important in the public sector than in other organizations. If that’s not enough to convince you, view this webinar on why federal agencies must improve CX.

Whether it's a small firm looking for a loan, a family in need of aid following an emergency, or someone passing through an airport security checkpoint, every encounter between government services and citizens is an opportunity to show that the government can understand and meet the needs of the people they serve.


This may result in less time spent at a government office, on the phone with a help desk, or more easily digested information to aid a selection of services.


These interactions provide a lifetime of proof that the government works. These events, when taken together, are significant opportunities to demonstrate to citizens that their government functions. Improving public confidence in government occurs one transaction at a time, and we must take every action we can to enhance it.