Students enjoying sunset on a college campus

Colleges and universities are often like well-oiled machines. Each facet of campus has its own processes, staff, and software to manage it all. Even though everything is working, that doesn’t mean improvements won’t be beneficial. Upgrading to one main campus student management software can bring those cogs of the wheel together to make a more unified system. New software can make everyday challenges easier for staff and faculty to deal with, and provide students with conveniences to raise their satisfaction with the education system. Here are some of the benefits of implementing QLess campus student management software in your higher education institution!

Virtual Queues Replace Long Lines

Long lines on campus can happen any time of the year, but especially during the start of each semester, at sports and special events, and at meal times in the dining halls. It’s a pain for students to wait in line and for the staff that has to manage that line. QLess campus student management software disperses these long lines by making a virtual queue that allows for students to wait anywhere they please. The queue can be joined by using the app, the college website, or onsite kiosks. Once in the queue, students get accurate wait time forecasts sent straight to their cell phones. As they approach the front of the line, they receive directions on what desk to approach.

Integration of Appointment Scheduling

While QLess campus student management software can get rid of lines all over campus, some areas run with appointments, and this tech doesn’t disappoint here either. QLess is a versatile software that can handle all the diverse workings of higher education. Students can easily book appointments with advisors, financial aid staff, admissions, faculty, the campus healthcare facility, and other areas on the website or the app. The software even allows for walk-ins to be seamlessly integrated with students who have scheduled appointments. It fills gaps in the schedule to best utilize staff and faculty time.

A Universal Data Bank

With one campus student management software system, data files can be accessed anywhere on campus. The software stores student information, a history of their transactions, and trends and analytics for the entire college or university. All of this invaluable information can be utilized to improve processes in any area of the campus and boost attendance by raising student satisfaction.

The QLess campus student management software can handle everything a complex college or university campus throws at it. Many higher education institutions, like Florida State College and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), have had great success in implementing this system. Contact us today to learn more about its features and benefits. We’ll personalize a free demo so you can see the QLess system first hand.