Urgent Care Clinic Takes the “Wait” Out of Waiting Room
QLess transforms an urgent care clinic with virtual check-in to improve patient care and satisfaction.


QLess helps medical professionals at a Nevada-based urgent care improve patient service flow. The QLess solution allows patients to skip the waiting room by joining a virtual queue online, from home or work, and arrive at the clinic just in time for their appointment.

“This hasn’t just been a minor improvement,” says Chief Executive Officer of the healthcare network. “QLess has totally changed how patients receive care.”

Major healthcare provider was looking for a way to help patients skip the line.
QLess meant patients could join a virtual line and only show up when it was your turn, which helped operational efficiency and promoted safe health practices.


It is inconvenient for patients to sit in busy waiting rooms. The clinic needed a solution that would reduce or eliminate those office wait times and minimize the discomfort of patients. According to the CEO, one of the most frustrating parts of providing urgent care is that it often lacks urgency.

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The healthcare network's CEO first discovered QLess in early 2014.
“I went to our innovation team and told them about a system that other industries were using to manage customer waiting. A few weeks later we were talking with QLess.”
Within 90 days, the urgent care facility launched a pilot program.

Their Virtual Check-In manages more than 120,000 visits per year.

With QLess, patients can simply get in line virtually from the clinic’s web or mobile site and then wait for their turn wherever they happen to be. QLess alerts them 15 minutes in advance of their actual appointment by text, allowing them to arrive just in time to complete a short intake process, provide insurance information, and quickly see a provider.

Staff at the urgent care can monitor and manage the real-time, virtual queues and notify patients of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration. QLess provides the urgent care with analytics across multiple clinics featuring data about each patient’s experience, as well as staff productivity.

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