A Visitor Management System for Government
That Redefines Service Experiences from Start to Finish

Give Your Citizens the Efficient, Congestion-Free Experience They Deserve with QLess’ Virtual Queue Management and Appointment Scheduling Software

The modern consumer wants a

seamless, smart queue experience,

powered by technology.


QLess provides that,

enabling organizations to

cut waits and costs,

improve communication,

and foster better connections.

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Insufficient Communication and Poor Waiting Room Solutions Lead to Walkaways, Frustrated Customers, and Missed Opportunities.

QLess Can Help.

Reducing customer churn can be done by emphasizing a positive experience and prioritizing the customer journey.

With an online appointment scheduling and queue software, waiting frustration can be a thing of the past.

The QLess Online Appointment Scheduling Software  and Customer Experience Management System Can Help Businesses:


Manage and Schedule Appointments

with a Seamless Appointment Booking App

Render Long Holds Obsolete with a

Visitor Check In Software

that Streamlines the Waiting Process

Increase Customer Satisfaction

and Loyalty by Up to 99%

through Virtual Queuing Solutions

Boost Staff Productivity by Up to 90%

with High-Quality Data Insights into Key Processes

To date, we've helped over 100 million people save 6,000 years of waiting.


A Visitor Management System for Government Contributing to Saving Time at a Massive Scale.

Because Everyone’s Time Matters.

Organizations Deserve Tools

That Unlock Their Full Potential

QLess Enables Growth, Efficiency,

and a Frictionless Customer Experience.

A queue booking system, workflow intelligence, and customer journey software blended in a single central hub. Designed to arm enterprises with a solution that puts control over the customer journey back in their hands.

QLess has Helped Organizations Across Industries Drastically Cut Wait Times, Improve Customer Experiences, and Increase Profitability with an Array of Highly Effective Features.


Real-time insights into key processes with high-quality visual data that can help illustrate important patterns.


Customizable appointment scheduling software that can shape workflows and better organize schedules for more seamless employee day-to-days.

Mobile App

Easily accessed virtual queue and appointment booking app, offering customers limitless mobility and the ability to plan on the go.

Remote Join

Customers can view lineups from their phone and enter  a callback queue, removing the need for extended in-person waits.

Bi-Directional Communication

Communicate back and forth with appointment scheduling software with sms for up-to-the-minute updates and a more personalized experience.

Customer Feedback

Request reviews and ratings through QLess for informative feedback that helps improve the citizen experience.

The Leading Digital Solution

to Long Waits, Antiquated Appointment Scheduling, and a Lack of Impactful Data

It is time to shake things up — standard methods of scheduling appointments and waiting in line cause frustrating bottlenecks.

QLess is the answer.

Queue Management

Enjoy complete control over a virtual queue with this hospital queue system that empowers patients to join the line with the tap of a button, as QLess acts as their patient concierge.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

Customizable and complex patient appointment scheduling that creates more streamlined staff schedules and provides a higher level of customer convenience.

Business Intelligence

With a digital queuing system comes access to impactful data on key processes from average wait times to appointment no-show percentages, delivering insights that lead to smarter operations.

QLess serves as customer flow management software for leaders in an array of industries because our flexible features solve critical problems.


A visitor management system for government that drastically reduces the notoriously long waits and creates a better administrative process.

Higher Education

Bring the student experience back to the forefront with a school scheduling system that clears campus congestion and confusion.


With a high-powered queue management system for retail, create a better brick-and-mortar experience and connect with the modern tech-oriented customer.


Healthcare appointment scheduling software with a virtual waiting room, QLess eases the burden on workers and patients for frictionless medical management.

Completely transform the citizen and employee experience for a new digital age.


With QLess, organizations cut costs, wait times, and re-shape processes for more innovative operations and impactful connections. Take the next step and join the cutting edge.


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embark on your customer journey platform transformation.