5 Benefits of Virtual Lines

people waiting in line - change to virtual line

Waiting in a physical queue has been the standard for much of human history, and we’re long overdue for a change. The challenges of our modern world have warranted the need for a new technology that increases customer satisfaction, helps keep customers healthier, and gives business owners a unique look into their own operations. With the advancement of cell phones, and the fact that they’re so commonplace in today’s society, queue management systems that place customers in mobile lines only makes sense. Here are the top five benefits virtual lines can provide to your company.

Benefits of Virtual Lines for Business and Safety
  1. Customers Can Wait Anywhere

For businesses that draw long lines, managing a crowded waiting area can wreak havoc on wait times, cause customers to walk out, and overwhelm employees. Not to mention you need to find space for all those customers to wait within your property, which is even more challenging under social distancing guidelines. With the QLess queue management system, your customers can join virtual lines using their mobile phone or an onsite kiosk. Once in the system, they receive text or voice message alerts about their approximate wait time and place in line. From that point, they are free to wait anywhere they please.

When customers aren’t tied down to a waiting room or a physical queue, they can literally do anything they want while they wait for service. If you’re a retail business, they can continue to shop your store and add extra items to their purchases. If you provide a service, customers can leave your building to go wait in their vehicles, wait outside, or visit local shops and restaurants. If customers get caught up needing more time while they’re out, they can easily request it on their mobile device through the QLess virtual line app. Instead of starting them over from the beginning again, the app simply pushes them a bit further in the queue.    

  1. Healthier Waiting Environments

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and had a global impact on the way our businesses are run, it’s easy to see that the need to promote safe and healthy waiting environments will continue. This can especially be recognized in the healthcare industry. Clearing out waiting rooms is an important measure to help ensure illness is not spread from patient to patient or to staff members. Giving your customers the power to wait wherever they feel safest and allowing for social distancing can help even in normal times, like the flu season that occurs every winter.

  1. Satisfaction Skyrockets
happy customer making a purchase from a friendly cashier

Giving your customers control over their wait time with mobile lines increases their satisfaction. Some people are go-getters who love to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, when running errands. Imagine being able to wait for service at the DMV in a virtual line while you get extra shopping accomplished. Or, maybe you want to drop your car off for an oil change while you grab some lunch at a local restaurant. Whatever your customers like to do to pass the time is better than waiting in a waiting room with nothing but old magazines to read or standing in a long line. Your employees will also become more satisfied with their jobs as they deal with happier customers.

When customers are more satisfied, they tend to leave positive online reviews for your company and tell others by word of mouth about their good experiences. These two aspects are so important for a business to gain and keep new customers. These days, the majority of people will do online research and read others’ reviews before they seek services or buy goods from a company. Having even just a few negative online reviews can be detrimental to your reputation. The QLess virtual line app increases customer and employee satisfaction so you can get those good recommendations and gain an edge over the competition.

  1. Enhanced Communication

Have you ever arrived for your scheduled appointment only to wait for an extended period of time before you are seen? It’s happened to all of us, as offices can run behind on their schedules, and hiccups happen. With the enhanced communication features of the QLess virtual line app, employees can send individual or group messages straight to customers’ cell phones. They can send alerts about delays in the schedule or inform customers about any issue that has arisen. Employees also have access to a real-time dashboard that allows them to see exactly who is waiting and for what service. They can more easily prioritize customers without becoming overwhelmed.  

  1. Analytics & Insightstwo men reviewing data analytics for their business

The QLess virtual line app also includes features and benefits like recording important data and analytics about the customers, the employees, services types and times, no-show rates, and more. You have the option to send your customers satisfaction surveys as soon as they have completed service so you can record how well the system is working and view your customers’ feedback. Other metrics can be used to assess the productivity of your employees. 

This data can be used to improve business processes, create employee incentive programs, and make more personalized promotions for your customers. The data that is provided by the QLess virtual line app can easily be downloaded into graphs and reports for you to share with your team or store for future reference. Compare data across multiple branches and locations and see how your employees measure up to national standards. These back-end features are a bonus that could never be provided by using old take-a-number systems.

The QLess virtual line app requires no hardware and works with customers’ cell phones and major internet browsers for everyone’s convenience. It’s easy to use for both customers and your employees. Your company can use it to schedule appointments or place people in mobile lines via your website, an app, or an onsite kiosk. QLess works with you through the entire setup process and continues to offer support throughout your use of the system to ensure the best results. Contact us today to request a free business demo and to learn more about the benefits of virtual lines for your industry.