ADA Compliance

A Renewed Commitment to Accessibility with ADA Compliant Features

ADA Compliance Graphic

Adding AI-Powered Features That Ensure QLess Meets the Needs of All Customers

The Americans with Disabilities Act pushed America towards becoming a more equitable society. To ensure we live up to the standards of the ADA, QLess has added critical reasonable accommodations to our queuing system kiosks to better offer accessibility for all.

12 New Features Helping to Create a Waiting Line Management System for Everyone

Text-to-Speech Screen Reader

Text on the smart queue kiosk screens is read aloud when visible.

Color Contrast Modification

Alter how closely light and dark colors appear on the waiting line management system.

Link Highlighting

Call attention to important URLs on the queue software with highlighted, color-coded links.

Text Size and Space Adjustments

Modify text and spacing to be bigger or smaller depending on unique needs.

Customizable Line Height Spacing

Shift the line heights for more spread-out text with the help of simple on-screen guidance.

Text Alignments

Align text to the queue management dashboard's left, right, or center for better positional visibility.

Dyslexia-Friendly Font

Our smart queueing system kiosks offer the option to change the dashboard font to accommodate dyslexic users.

Cursor Customizations

Adjust the size of the cursor, add a reading mask, or create a reading guide.

Helpful User Tooltips

On-screen tips to guide users, simplifying the process for the best queue management experience possible.

Page Structure Overviews

Understand the entirety of the layout at a glance with an overview of the page’s structure.


Adjust the texture of the colors on the screen of the waiting room kiosk to ensure visibility.

Pausable Animations

Stop and go pause features so customers can move through the queue booking system at their own pace.

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