Airport Badge Office Waits are a Thing of the Past with QLess

Like any locale issuing a large volume of high-security clearances, the airport badge office can become a congested and crowded place. Between providing a wide array of services, including fingerprinting, security systems management, and drivers training, the office should also aspire to a high degree of professionalism and customer service.

Now, wait time can become a thing of the past as your personnel can elect to book appointments in advance with our cutting-edge online booking system. See how QLess can elevate your customer service to a whole new level. Take a look at some of the ways our booking system has completely overhauled the airport badge office at even the most hectic and largest airports across the globe.


Passengers walk through an airport.

The “Virtual Queue”

By the time you enter a busy airport and find parking, you’ve already wasted valuable time you could be spending on other important tasks. QLess customers have options when it comes to lining up, and the majority of those options eliminate the need for waiting around in crowded rooms. Here are some of the ways QLess makes it easy to reserve an appointment:

  • Online: customers can enter their name and cell phone number from the airport badge office website to line up.
  • Via Text: customers obtain a designated phone number to text to reserve an appointment.
  • Kiosk: customers can visit an on-site kiosk in the lobby. They can come and go easily while waiting for their appointment.
  • Flex: customers may schedule an appointment up to a month in advance.

Stay in the Loop

Customers agree: one of the most frustrating things about lining up is not knowing when the end is in sight. QLess eliminates the unknown. As your personnel enters the virtual queue, text updates keep them “in the know” as their turn approaches.

  • Status Updates: enable effective two-way communication by text or voice message.
  • Sharing: pass on updates and receive customer feedback immediately.

From an airport badge office’s perspective, the ability to know when your appointment is coming up eliminates the stress and foot tapping when something goes amiss.

Staff Productivity

Technology alleviating long line-ups and grumpy personnel increases productivity. See how staff morale improves as QLess introduces innovative technology to help serve customers more effectively.

  • Satisfaction: seamless lines and quicker service lead to a higher satisfaction at your office.
  • Analytics: see how useful analytics can push your customer service to a new level. We provide in-depth information regarding no-shows, walk-aways, and service duration.

Help make waits a thing of the past as you introduce QLess to your airport badge office, and help eliminate wait times for your staff and customers.