Streamline the customer experience. Drive business growth and efficiency.

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Allow customers to join from anywhere.

Empower customers to ‘get in line’ from wherever they are via text-to-join, mobile app, website, onsite kiosk, or API.

Machine learning algorithms process several data points to provide accurate forecasted wait times for each customer. Reduce the need for in-person waits and give your customers the mobility they desire with virtual queues.

Seamlessly manage customer flow.

Eliminate waiting from your customer experience.

Combine personalization, automation, and flexibility to allow your customers to wait when, where and how they want. Improve customer satisfaction with a line experience built for the modern consumer.

Which line would you like to join?

1 - Student services
2 - Financial aid
3 - Registrar


Please tell us your first and last name.

Aurora Rose

Hi Aurora. There are 3 people ahead of you and your estimated wait time is 8 minutes. We’ll let you know when you reach the front of the line!

Communicate interactively.

Manage customer expectations with timely updates on estimated wait times and their place in line.

Bi-directional communication capabilities allow customers to notify your staff if they need more time or have left the line. Make the queue experience a more personal one with updates, pre-appointment screenings, and more engagement through the entire customer journey.

Operate with intelligence.

Gain real-time visibility into your customer engagement workflows.

Improve resource management and maximize every customer interaction with the help of business intelligence. Provide real-time insights into processes that can boost operational efficiency and drive staff productivity.