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Amidst Growing Enrollment Rates, Texas A&M University Deploys Qless Queue Management

With hours-long waits causing frustration, the Money Education Center found a queue management solution designed for higher education.

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Airport Provides Options to Eliminate Long Wait Times for Security Badging Services

At the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) there are more than 18,000 active security badges. Historically, people have waited in line up to several hours for badging services. Since deploying the Qless line management platform, customers have the option of making an appointment and wait wherever they want.

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Qless Transforms State DMV by Cutting Queues and Reducing Wait Time for Citizens

Qless helped one of the largest Department of Motor Vehicles in the country to significantly reduce wait times, improve citizen satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency and economy of its operations while also boosting staff productivity and morale.

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Global Chemical Company Eliminates Contractor Wait Times

Qless helped a major chemical company solve a seemingly intractable problem by significantly reducing the time it takes to certify contractors to deliver its products.

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Qless Helps Port of Antwerp Reduce Carbon Emissions

With the Qless vehicle booking system, DP World has vastly improved productivity, saved hundreds of hours a day for truck drivers, and now prevents 730,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every year.

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FISH Technologies Helps Sports Fans Enjoy Events Instead of Waiting in Line

FISH Technologies implements virtual queuing to eliminate long lines and transform the customer experience.

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Chicago Public School District Curtails Wait Times for Prospective and Current Employees

Qless enables the Chicago Public School District to provide current and prospective employees with the ability to schedule appointments for a range of human resource activities at the Staffing Services Center without waiting for hours to be served.

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South Seattle College Helps Students Skip Lines

Qless substantially reduced the congestion in South Seattle College’s waiting area and improved the student satisfaction with virtual queuing.

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Valdosta State University Reduces Wait for Financial Aid

Qless reduces wait times and and improves student satisfaction levels by enabling students at Valdosta State University to enter an online queue for appointments.

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