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Chicago Public School District Curtails Wait Times for Prospective and Current Employees

QLess enables the Chicago Public School District to provide current and prospective employees with the ability to schedule appointments for a range of human resource activities at the Staffing Services Center without waiting for hours to be served.

South Seattle College Helps Students Skip Lines

QLess substantially reduced the congestion in South Seattle College’s waiting area and improved the student satisfaction with virtual queuing.

Valdosta State University Reduces Wait for Financial Aid

QLess reduces wait times and and improves student satisfaction levels by enabling students at Valdosta State University to enter an online queue for appointments.

Shorter Lines, Greater Insights at Broward College

QLess technology reduces long lines by allowing Broward College students to schedule appointments for activities such as applying for admission, applying for financial assistance, class registration, and gaining access to academic advising.

Collin College Eliminates Waiting in Line for Students

Collin College increases student satisfaction and staff productivity by providing students with an effortless way to quickly access the services they need without standing in long lines.

Top-Ranking University in Australia Deploys QLess to Improve the Student Experience

Australian university leverages digital queuing technology to allow their students to join a virtual queue and wait their turn wherever they like, rather than spending their busy days in a crowded waiting area.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Ensures Public Safety with Virtual Line

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology implements virtual call-back queues to safely manages student services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Urgent Care Clinic Takes the “Wait” Out of Waiting Room

QLess transforms an urgent care clinic with virtual check-in to improve patient care and satisfaction.

County Government Cuts the Line for Licenses and Taxes

QLess technology helps The Orange County Florida Tax Collector offer virtual check-in for faster service and shorter wait times.


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