5 Advantages of Implementing a Student Management System

Campus line ups can quickly become hubs of chaos during the summer and pre-semester registration periods, but they don't have to be. Using cloud-based technology can change the face of your school by eliminating line ups without any fuss. See how mobile queuing technology can highlight your institution's reputation as a global educational leader using new cutting-edge apps and a more modern approach to student service line ups.

Here are 5 advantages of using new student management system technology that will help change your office atmosphere and deliver proven results. Put QLess to work and eliminate those long line ups on your campus today.

1. Create Great Impressions

Campus visits set the first impression and allow the next generation of students and their families to see your campus in action. From an administrative perspective, creating that positive first experience on a campus tour is a high priority. Families and students don't want to be greeted for their tour with long line ups and overcrowded hallways. Help elevate your reputation with QLess.

One of the advantages of student management system technology is that it helps create a forward-thinking appearance on campus for prospective students and their families. Let open spaces and a professional atmosphere be the image of your institution.

2. Reduce Line Ups

Interactive mobile queuing is the logical next step in line up reduction on campus. Creating appointments for essential services is easy for students using QLess FlexAppointments technology. Using the FlexAppointments mobile software from a cell phone or kiosk, students can either walk-in or book an appointment for a future date or time. It's simple.

One of the best advantages of student management system technology is that many students quickly recognize that creating an advanced appointment saves them time. Student satisfaction increases as appointments become more streamlined using FlexAppointments. QLess can help boost student satisfaction by up to 75% and reduce operational costs up to 45%.

3. Ease the Burden on Campus Staff

Long lineups and crowded offices can pile on more work for staff who are already stretched too thin. Balancing complaints, no-shows or frustrated students on top of providing effective services is not a recipe for happy staff on campus. Create an environment where effective service is the top priority by eliminating other obstacles.

The advantages of student management system technology include more streamlined services that accurately predict wait times. Keep students in charge of their own time using QLess and see a calmer environment with more relaxed staff at the student services office within weeks.

4. Smooth Transition to New Technology

One of the highlights of QLess technology is the minimal amount of equipment needed in order to seamlessly transition to a mobile queue system. Your students and office staff likely already have most of the tools they need for mobile queuing. Little training is required, and our technology can be piloted alongside a traditional system to ease the transition for employees.

The fast and efficient QLess scheduling app creates a platform for staff and students to organize. Other colleges have already put QLess to work and proven the advantages of using a cloud-based student management system.

5. Collect Insightful Data

One of the greatest benefits to using QLess technology is the ability to collect data in real time with analytics that inform office administration effectively. Now, administration can gain an oversight of the entire office and make adjustments in order to serve the student population more effectively.

The advantages of using a proven student management system are data-driven and have already been tested by other top-ranking colleges and universities around the globe. Make improvements to your office based on data and stop guessing when it comes to providing effective service to students on campus.

Put QLess to Work

students are happy as they work together

Join others who have already made the leap. At QLess, our executive team realizes every campus requires its own individualized plan. We work closely with each client to help put together a tailored system that works. Take a virtual tour or check out our new ROI calculator and explore the potential increase in productivity your office could see by implementing QLess technology on campus today.