7 Reasons You Should Speak to Queue Management System Suppliers Today

Digital systems have ushered in a new era of convenience. From online shopping to online booking, the internet has streamlined how customers interact with the businesses and organizations around them.

That said, few systems have benefitted so greatly from their digital makeovers than the queue management and customer service sectors. By boosting efficiency, broadening accessibility, and reducing frustration, digital queue management systems have redefined what it means to wait.

But, don't take our word for it: here are seven reasons why you should speak to a queue management system supplier.

#1 Improve Organizational and Employee Efficiency

Prior to the introduction of digital queue systems, queue management was a significant burden on the employees of various businesses and organizations. When staff members are forced to juggle the tasks of manual queue upkeep and customer service, the hefty responsibility can quickly reduce overall efficiency and workplace morale.

Fortunately, digital queue systems can lessen and even eliminate the strain of queue micro-management, allowing workers to devote more of their attention and energy towards providing exceptional customer service.

Upon implementing a queue system from queue management system suppliers, customers or guests can join and leave queues remotely via their phone or from an on-site kiosk. Once a user has joined a queue, the system will alert them via an SMS text or phone message when they're next in line. As a result, staff can continue their work undisturbed and focus on the immediate needs of their next customer or guest instead of micro-managing hundreds of other queue members simultaneously.

#2 Take Advantage of Mobile Devices

In today's world, nearly everyone has an internet-connected mobile device in their pocket. These devices afford users access to an innumerable amount of services, businesses, and communication tools -- including mobile-compatible digital queues.

Many queue management system suppliers have embraced the convenience of mobile devices by offering companion apps for iOS and Android devices. These apps capitalize on the abundance of mobile phone ownership by allowing users to join and leave various queues directly from the comfort of their mobile device.

With mobile apps from companies like QLess, joining a queue is as simple as tapping "join queue." From here, users can wait wherever they'd like, knowing that they'll be notified when they're next in line. Digital queue apps also allow users to request more time, leave the line, or cancel their appointment if they booked in advance.

Queue management system suppliers also empower staff with the full privileges of mobile queue convenience. The best queue management systems include full access to concierge apps that allow staff to:

#3 Queue Management Without the Hassle of Maintenance

In previous decades, businesses and organizations were often wary of the laborious maintenance associated with installing new software systems. Although all software requires some upkeep, frequent maintenance can offset the efficiency improvements afforded by software in the first place.

Fortunately, queue management system suppliers took this philosophy to heart. Today's digital queue systems are entirely web-based and don't require any downloads or local hardware installations. Instead, they run on cloud-based architecture that allows for greater uptimes and automatic updates.

As a result, digital queue systems can greatly boost the efficiency of your organization or business without requiring long maintenance cycles or a dedicated technician. Instead, your existing technicians can devote their attention towards more pressing matters while your queue system practically runs itself.

#4 Digital Queues are Trusted by Large-Scale Organizations

In this digital age, nearly all information is exchanged online -- a reality that necessitates stringent security practices and rigorous encryption methods. Thankfully, most developers have continually emphasized robust security, including queue management system suppliers.

Many of today's digital queue systems utilize world-class security to protect the data of your guests and customers. With QLess, all digital communication is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption via TLS and AES encryption standards. As a result, platforms like QLess are trusted by various large-scale organizations like the DMV and the Minneapolis Saint Paul airport -- establishments that receive and process sensitive information from thousands of unique individuals daily.

If you're interested in adopting a digital queue system, be sure to speak to a queue management system supplier. They'll be able to ensure that the security of their platform can scale with the needs of your organization or business, thereby guaranteeing that all queue data is transmitted in a safe and secure manner.

#5 Collect Queue Feedback in Real Time

Feedback plays an instrumental role in the evolution of efficient systems. By soliciting feedback from their users, businesses and organizations can identify issues in their infrastructure and quickly implement meaningful solutions.

For decades, many businesses relied on user input in the form of surveys and questionnaires. Even though receiving some feedback is superior to receiving none, pen-and-paper-based surveys come with some notable disadvantages. For one, all pen-and-paper feedback is static, meaning that criticism is only received when comment forms or surveys are collected and read. Secondly, customers and guests aren't afforded the convenience of providing feedback in seconds from their mobile device, which can lead to fewer responses overall.

Thankfully, queue management system suppliers have revolutionized the customer feedback experience. By automatically collecting guest responses via SMS surveys and encouraging bi-directional communication between queue users and staff, digital queue systems can provide your business or organization with invaluable, actionable insights in real time. Here's how it works:

#6 Improve the Customer/Guest Experience and Boost Morale

Wait times are a significant source of frustration and annoyance for customers and guests. In fact, it's been estimated that the average customer is only willing to wait about 14 minutes before being serviced.

Fortunately, queue management system suppliers have revitalized the waiting experience with digital queue systems like QLess. Because digital queues are digitally managed, customers or guests have the option of waiting wherever they'd like. They can take a trip to the bathroom without fear of losing their place in line or leave the premises entirely and get a quick bite to eat. Once their position in queue approaches, customers and guests will be notified via SMS text or phone message, affording them time to return to the queue area for prompt service.

Queue management system suppliers have also enriched the waiting game by providing businesses and organizations with real-time queue metrics. At-a-glance, staff can identify the median wait times and service durations of their queues through the software, allowing them to strategize and prepare for periods of high or low queue density.

By improving your queue experience for both customers/guests and staff, you can promote positive, efficient interactions and bolster morale.

#7 Analyze Queue Trends and Fine-Tune Your Queues for Excellence

Not everyone considers themselves a data fanatic, but nonetheless, data collection is a crucial component of efficiency. Without access to meaningful metrics that provide behind-the-scenes insights into the performance of your queues, boosting overall efficiency can be challenging.

Thankfully, queue management system suppliers understand the value of data, which is why the best digital queue systems feature built-in, automatic data reporting. In just a few clicks, you and your staff can glean valuable insights regarding the operating efficiency of your queues by viewing:

By analyzing these metrics, businesses and organizations can identify positive trends in queue performance, or take note when service needs improvement. Whether you're comparing your service across multiple queues or multiple months, queue management systems visualize your data in an accessible and transparent manner. And of course, when you're ready to compile your findings, exporting your data as Microsoft Excel, Access, or CSV files is a cinch.

Change the Waiting Game with QLess

With active service across a broad variety of industries, QLess is a versatile and flexible digital queue system that's well-suited to businesses and organizations of all kinds. With an easy-to-use interface, built-in data reporting, and efficient queue automation features, QLess elevates your queue experience above the standards of the modern age.

After implementing QLess, our customers have been able to:

For more information about how queue management system suppliers can enhance your queues, contact us to request your QLess demo!