8 Ways Customer Waiting Systems Can Improve Government Offices

The typical image of your local government office includes looks of frustration, disgruntled employees and long line ups. In a perfect world, every citizen is helped in a timely fashion and receives undivided attention. Staff members at the office have a smile on their face and a plan in place to help each individual. Providing services at a reasonable cost can be a challenge for both small and large government offices -- but it doesn't have to be.

Thanks to new technology, your local government office can reduce the stress for all parties involved. See how implementing a revamped customer waiting system provides more efficient services at government offices around the world. Let QLess help your office provide a modern virtual queue for government offices and create a more streamlined service for citizens. From drastically reducing wait times to increasing employee satisfaction, here are eight ways a customer waiting system can work for your local office.

1. Decrease Wait Times at Your Office

You can line up and sign up for everything these days using simple apps or scheduling systems on your phone. You can make a restaurant reservation, call for a ride, or book your appointments at work with the click of a button. With a virtual line up system, waiting is easy. No more line up out the door. No more mystery regarding how long you might be waiting. Now you can view current wait times and make a choice about how to best use your time while you wait for your upcoming appointment.

This technology is long overdue at your local government office. With QLess, a local office can drastically reduce wait times for services and allow citizens to join a queue remotely from a mobile device or kiosk located nearby. Use our cloud-based software and see the many other benefits of using a QLess customer waiting system in your office. Here are just a few:

Many local offices have seen the number of people waiting in line reduced by up to 35% after implementing the QLess customer waiting system. Alongside the reduced line-up time, your office can expect to see more satisfaction on the face of citizens and much less annoyance. Let our experts help you effectively manage how long your customers wait and how they do it.

2. Offer More Choice

You can really reduce the look of a hectic and chaotic office simply by allowing people to choose where and how they want to wait in line. Some citizens prefer to take a number and wait to be called. For others, the uncertainty of waiting increases anxiety and leads to heightened stress. A remote queuing system allows citizens to choose. As your office weighs the pros and cons of implementing a new way to queue, consider the benefits of offering a choice.

The next generation expects service that is both fast and helpful. With that said, many citizens are used to waiting in line and might even prefer to do so. Why not offer both? QLess virtual technology allows you to slowly transition your office to a different way of doing things at a minimal cost.

3. Increase Satisfaction

A cluttered appearance and rushed service is a surefire way to see an increase in complaints about service. Government offices who have transitioned to an online queuing system already can attest that service is better and less-rushed than before. Citizens leave the office feeling like their needs are met and they can get on with their day. Reducing complaints is also a tangible way to measure your office improvement plan.

Let QLess technology help keep a record of citizen surveys so that you really know how you're meeting the needs of your taxpayers. Here are just a few ways our customer waiting system helps track data so that your office can see the increase in satisfaction.

After piloting QLess technology, our partners consistently track a 100% increase in customer satisfaction. If your office is due for a change, book an online demo and see why our technology works for so many. Customer surveys tell the story of a long-overdue revamp of local government office systems.

4. Reduce Canceled Appointments


No-shows can result in lost productivity. Whatever customer waiting system is already in place at your local office is likely costing staff time and money -- but it doesn't have to be that way. Life happens and appointments get canceled for several legitimate reasons. That doesn't mean that your other citizens should have to sit in their seats listening for their number while repeatedly hearing another no-show number being called by your staff.

Now you can reduce your canceled appointments by allowing a virtual customer waiting system to fill in the gaps. Simply allow your customers to cancel or reschedule on their own without interrupting your staff and wasting valuable time.

The end result is a better understanding of the ebb and flow of your government office. Utilizing data from the QLess system helps you better schedule appointments and increase staff efficiently during peak periods and other times of high-volume, such as during a local emergency or after natural disasters. 

5. Help Your Staff

There is no better way to boost staff morale than to put a plan in place in order to help them do their job more effectively. That means scheduling appointments in such a way that everyone gets seen and heard when they want to be. Watch the increase in staff satisfaction as they use our customer waiting system to help serve customers who are further empowered by choosing what to do with their time. Here are a few top compliments QLess has received from government offices around the world:

The result is an average 90% increase in staff productivity after implementing a new virtual customer waiting system. Delivering the best service possible is easy now that your staff is well-equipped to focus on one customer issue at a time and devote the appropriate amount of time to each person. Alongside an increase in productivity, see how your staff morale changes.

6. More Cost Effective

It's likely that your local office is long overdue for a change in pace. Change can be difficult when many new systems require extensive training and cost money to implement to fidelity. QLess management systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to revamp your government office. That's because they are cloud-based and do not require any new hardware or proprietary software to get started.

Aside from some basic training, your staff and customers likely already have the required materials for our system. Watch as glitches, paper jams and lost data become a thing of the past.

7. Individualized Planning For Your Office

Every office is different, and that means using a customer waiting system may look different and be dependent on your office's individualized needs. A "one size fits all" plan is not necessary to make QLess technology work. Let our staff help create your individualized plan. Here are just a few ways we will help you roll out a new system without overwhelming your staff and customers.

Our executive team makes QLess technology work seamlessly by tweaking and using data to inform each stage. In just a few weeks, you will begin to see how new ways of offering service in your area will serve as a problem-solving tool and great publicity for your office. Be a leader and see how a virtual queue system can work for your team.

8. Increase Office Efficiency


Effective strategies for managing high volume in your office do not present themselves overnight. Identifying what will work from one office to another takes careful planning and usually requires professional guidance. QLess uses proven strategies to identify your office needs and create a more streamlined customer waiting system.

Airport offices, DMVs, and county government offices around the world have already piloted our technology and it has earned rave reviews by some of the world's most innovative companies. Follow their lead and see how your office can become more efficient within a few short weeks by:

Our data-informed system will help eliminate gaps and keep your office feeling open, quiet and more productive. QLess has a proven strategy to reduce wait times and increase efficiency in your office. Getting started is as simple as booking a short virtual tour and seeing how others have already put our plan into action.

Put QLess to Work Now

Your office can be our next success story. With hundreds of customers across 6 continents, QLess is transforming the way the world waits in line. Retail businesses, clinics, educational institutions, and government agencies depend on us to manage customer flow. We're proud of our 99.7% annual retention rate with our clients. Contact QLess now and see how a new customer waiting system can help boost efficiency in your government office today and achieve amazing results.