Get Time Back with Waiting Line Management

A virtual waiting line management system is a helpful, time-saving technology that improves your customer's overall experience. Your customer will know about the status of their turn in line as well as their number in the overall queue. They will also be informed of the estimated time that it will take until they are in the front of your line. In the case that your customer is up in line but cannot make it back, it's also possible to get back in line and avoiding missing their turn. Utilizing SMS waiting line management will make sure that every customer gets his turn in line without wasting their time or yours.

SMS Notifications

So how exactly does your customer get back in line?

A virtual waiting line management system is actually a complete assistance program from start to finish. This program will make sure that the customer gets an accurate idea of how much time it will take until it's their turn, and how many customers are actually ahead of them. If the turn of a customer will come after an hour, the customer will get a call or SMS to their cell phone as a reminder that their turn is about to come.

Waiting Line Monitors

For facilities like restaurants and hotels, where customers have to wait for their table, kiosks, or computer monitors are the best choice. They are mounted in a very visible location so a customer can check in to see their number in the virtual queue waiting list. They are shown either by the last 4 digits of their cell phone or any other way they choose. They can keep an eye on the monitor while having the opportunity to do other things such as run errands, finish a work project, or perhaps grab a bite to eat, instead of physically waiting for their turn to come up.

Software Assistance

Virtual waiting line management is not a manual system; rather it is a virtual queue management system, that is completely secure for the business and the customer. Due to a real-time computer system that actually lives in a cloud storage rather than any physical server, customers can be updated about their queue number from any location.

Give Time Back with Waiting Line Management

Virtual waiting line management is helping customers and businesses in several different ways. Business owners can not only give time back to their customers who would have waited in line, but can also help streamline the efficiency of the business to actually convert more customers. Your customers will appreciate how their time was not wasted and will most likely tell others about the positive experience they had at a business utilizing a waiting line management system from Qless.

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