How to Streamline the Buyer's Experience

Having a positive experience for every customer who walks in your door is more important than ever. In an ultra-competitive market, the retail industry is upping the ante and introducing bold new strategies to retain existing buyers and wave new customers through the door. One way innovators in retail are altering the scene is by using technology as a form of retail interaction manager.

By improving customer engagement and using a variety of platforms to get the word out, retail establishments nationwide are testing the waters with interactive strategies through a streamlined interface. Here's how you can improve customer satisfaction using a cost-effective cloud-based software that reduces queues.

How It Works

QLess uses real-time software to allow you to call or message customers as they stand in your store. You can send promotions, announcements, targeted ads, videos and more. Let QLess do the work for your team and allow your customers to engage as much or as little as they want.

Multiple channels are used to encourage customer buy-in. An effective retail interaction manager allows staff to communicate with consumers in real time and update them as they shop.

Improve Customer Engagement

One of the highlights of a multi-faceted approach to interaction in-store is that it strongly improves customer engagement and provides buyers with a heightened sense of the brand. After logging on to the App remotely, customers can expect a truly VIP shopping experience, tailored to them.

A retail interaction manager is always customizable and updated in real time, which is what makes it so effective. As soon as management has new information, it can be shared with the customer so that they are in-the-know. Real-time updates are quickly becoming the standard in the retail industry, as customers expect to hear about the latest news and deals immediately.

Avoid Congestion

Buyers often enter your store with some kind of expectation or need. It may be a specific item they are looking for, or perhaps a great deal of the day. Using software as a retail interaction manager helps you avoid congestion and long lines that deter shoppers from coming into your store.

Any delay for your shoppers means that they could choose to walk out the door. An estimated 24% of shoppers leave unpaid items near the checkout area due to long line ups that interfere with their schedule. By eliminating that problem, your business is better able to retain customers and keep them from going elsewhere.

Clean Up Appearances

Appearances matter and shoppers walking through your door deserve an organized space where they can find what they are looking for and access the checkout area quickly and easily.

A retail interaction manager streamlines traffic through your store and opens up spaces that may have been crowded or cluttered before.

Customers will appreciate this new streamlined approach and open space. Instead of walking into chaos, a calmer atmosphere prevails. Shoppers are more likely to buy when they are relaxed and at ease.

Use FlexAppointments

Let your customers make their own store appointments using a simple App and mobile technology. All it takes to schedule an appointment using a retail interaction manager is to jump in the virtual queue using a kiosk or mobile phone.

Girl holding a phone

Customers running late automatically get pushed back to the next empty spot in the queue, allowing others to be seen more quickly.

With FlexAppointments, texts, voice messages or emails are automatically sent to remind customers about upcoming appointments. Staff are better able to focus on customer service since they don't have to take care of scheduling or crowd control. Watch your customers come in and out steadily instead of trying to predict the next big rush.


Improving customer interactions doesn't need to break the bank for your company. Massive savings are gained when you eliminate walk-aways and promote a positive rapport with customers. Your retail interaction manager can be affordable and effective.

Allow more choice in the in-store shopping experience and see your customers returning for more. QLess staff can help you customize your program and roll it out smoothly in stages so that your staff can transition along with your customers.

Try It Today

Happier engaged customers mean more positive interaction between buyers and your brand. A retail interaction manager platform helps you reach your shoppers in a variety of ways. Contact QLess today at 1 800-405-4637 to get started.