Learning Through Customer Satisfaction Reports

The QLess queue management system can help a business in so many ways, from alleviating long lines and wait times, to auto scheduling appointments, marketing promotions, boosting staff productivity, and delivering important analytics. Businesses in many different industries, like government, healthcare, logistics, and education, can use QLess to improve their daily operations by using customer satisfaction reports and features. The QLess app gives customers the freedom to wait anywhere.

Introduction to the QLess Queue Management System

The QLess system includes an app that can be used to let customers wait anywhere while they are in line for a service, or it can function as an auto scheduler for office appointments. There is no longer a need for managing queues with customer service. When used in businesses like DMVs, restaurants, or retail shops, customers can join the line queue remotely before they even set foot in the business.

Using their mobile phone, the company's website, or a kiosk inside the location, customers join a virtual queue. The app relays an alert through voice or text message letting them know their place in line and approximate wait time. Once they have joined the virtual queue, they are free to wait wherever they want to like outside, at nearby businesses, or in their car.

As they move up in the queue, they are sent updated notifications, giving them new approximate wait times. Customers can also request more time if they need it. The QLess app will move them back further in the queue, instead of moving them all the way to the back of the line.

We don't have to fear stepping out of the line and losing our place ever again!

When the customer is next in line, the app will summon them to your place of business. And, when it is their turn, the app can give them specific directions to the exact teller or register they need to be at.

While customers wait in the virtual line, the app can send notifications about your current sales and promotions. When they have completed their service or transaction, the app immediately sends them a customer satisfaction report which is recorded along with other pertinent data for representatives to review later.

When used as an appointment scheduler, for businesses such as doctors and dental offices, the QLess software can enable customers to make appointments without having to talk to an office representative. They receive updates and notifications to confirm they will make their appointment. Staff can directly communicate and manage queues with customer service. Walk-ins can be seamlessly integrated with current appointments through the FlexAppointments technology. Reports, transaction times and types, and other data helps these businesses raise reviews and optimize workflow as well.

Why QLess Customer Satisfaction Reports Are More Accurate

Customer satisfaction surveys can be distributed and collected in different ways, through the mail, email, over the phone, by text message, etc. Most businesses prefer to use email to deliver their surveys. When you purchase something online, you always give them your email address so they can send you a confirmation email and maybe update you with shipping information. Online businesses will almost always email you a customer satisfaction survey for reporting back to their marketing or development teams. Once you receive your item, they email you the survey within a day or two. The same happens for other businesses providing a service when they collect your email address. You will likely receive marketing emails from them in the future as well.

Happy customer satisfaction report

Research has shown the more time that passes between when a customer's service has been completed and when they receive the survey, the less likely they are to fill out the survey. Also, short surveys have been proven more effective than lengthy ones. The QLess app sends out a short customer satisfaction survey as soon as their service has been completed or they have purchased the goods they want. An immediate delivery to their mobile device will improve the quality of your customer satisfaction reports and the quantity of surveys that your receive back.

Improve Customer Service

Reports help your better understand your customers. From an owner's standpoint, you may think your employees are top notch and doing a spectacular job. It can be hard to assess what goes on with customers when you don't have a constant eye on employees. Customer satisfaction reports let you see your employees through your customers' eyes. Even though you may have a service everyone wants and a great looking website, if you have bad customer service, people will spread the word or leave bad online reviews about your business. When your reputation is damaged from reviews, it can be hard to bounce back.

You can use your app to do more than managing queues. Customer service is important to your business and adding tracking to your procedures gives employees incentives to improve how they interact with customers. The reports combined with strategies and good managerial practices will help improve the quality of your services.

Improve Products or Provided Services

To have a profitable business, you need products that people want to buy or quality services that customers will want again and recommend to others. With customer satisfaction reports, you can find out what people want to purchase. Perhaps they were looking for specific items at your business and couldn't find them in stock. Now, you can stock up on those items. Maybe your products had most of what they were looking for, but were lacking certain features. Use your product development team to brainstorm ideas and add more features. The reports can also help you find weak spots in your services that need improvement. Using the data, you can create plans to implement changes and optimize your operations.

Create Happy Customers That Spread The Word

Use your customer satisfaction reports to solve customer's problems and implement their suggestions. People love to see that their suggested comments actually had an impact. Once you have solved their problems or implemented a change, reach out to them and let them know that you appreciate their comments and advice.

Customers will feel empowered to tell others about your company and that you listen to people. Word of mouth marketing is a very important part of building a reputable company. When customers create a chain by recommending services to others, you create repeat customers and brand ambassadors who build your reputation.


With the data you receive from your QLess customer satisfaction reports, you can start making changes to your business operations, products, or services.

Industries for the QLess Queue Management System

Most industries rely on lines and many industries fall short when making lines shorter for their clients. Imagine a time when you can join a queue at the DMV from your home and arrive there when it is 15 min from your service time. Need to replace a birth certificate at a government office but the wait is long? No problem! Grab something to eat nearby while you wait. Imagine never having to wait in a queue line at a theme park. Instead customers can shop, walk, dine, and enjoy their other attractions. They'll be driven to businesses that employ the QLess queue management system because they love it. Be the first in your area to draw in the customers with it.

The QLess queue managing app improves customer service, alleviates long wait times, and automatically schedules appointments, while raising customer and employee satisfaction. By collecting customer satisfaction reports, data, and analytics about your business, the QLess queue management system is an invaluable tool to help you improve your company and increase its profits.

QLess is a new technology that is going to change the way people view waiting in line. Discover how your business can benefit from the features of the QLess system by contacting us today for a free demo. Quell the queue for good with our revolutionary queue management system.