Reduce Average Customer Wait Time With QLess Software

When your business draws crowds in the form of long lines or waiting times for appointments, there's bound to be issues that arise that slow down customer flow. From employees becoming overwhelmed, to customers needing special attention, to congestion and confusion, wait times can grow exponentially. With the QLess queue management and appointment scheduling software, you can reduce your average customer wait time and increase their overall satisfaction. This new technology is simple for customers and employees to use and easy to get set up in any type of business.

Give Employees Better Focus

Long lines of customers can cause a rush that makes your employees feel overwhelmed and anxious. While some people can work just fine under these conditions, others feel too rushed and may not perform at their best. Their quality and speed of service can decline, and they may even start to act short with customers. All of this can add to the average customer wait time. The QLess system gives your employees a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is waiting and what type of service they need. They can even send direct text message communications to customers to alert them about service delays. 

Your employees will no longer be confronted with a long line of frustrated customers. The QLess queue management software allows customers to wait anywhere, so there are no more intimidating crowds of people stuck in one spot. If your business mainly makes appointments for service like in the healthcare industry, then the QLess appointment scheduling software can free up your employees' time by letting customers book online or through the app. It also sends automated confirmations and reminders to customers so your employees can better focus on other office tasks.  

A Steady Flow Reduces Congestion

Woman waiting in a waiting room.

How many times have you seen a take-a-number system where employees call for the next customer repeatedly, only to have a no-show? The same can be said for a crowded waiting room where an employee calls for a party that either isn't paying attention or has already walked out. No-shows and other customer issues in times of congestion can lengthen the average customer wait time. 

Instead of relying solely on employees, the QLess systems work with customers' cell phones to deliver instant text or voice messages about their wait time and place in line. When it's their turn for service, the app directs them to the correct service location. QLess creates a steady flow of customers that are immediately responsive, reducing your average customer wait time.

Time Flies When Customers Keep Busy 

Perception is everything to customers. A restaurant might have delicious food, but if it has a poor appearance, they may still lose customers. When customers are forced to wait for long periods with nothing to do, time will drag on, and they may become irritable and frustrated with their service experience. When you let people spend their time however they see fit, the average customer wait time will seemingly fly by. QLess software lets people occupy themselves until it's their turn. They might grab a bite to eat, run an extra errand, continue to shop, or anything else their wait time allows for. Customer satisfaction will shoot through the roof, and they will prefer your business over others that use old-school methods of queue management. 

Get started reducing your average customer wait time today with the QLess queue management and appointment scheduling software. Contact us to discover the full range of features and benefits the system has to offer. We will provide you with a free demo so you can see exactly how this new technology works.