Remote Mobile Queueing with QLess: Get in Line Without Leaving the House

It is a well-established fact in the psychology of queueing that no one actually likes to wait in line. Time passes much more slowly to the idling human mind, and if individuals have nothing to occupy themselves with, waiting can feel very frustrating and time-consuming. Of course you can find all of this out just by talking to anyone on the street. No one likes waiting in line!

So then why do we do it so much? Every year, businesses and institutions struggle to reduce lines and lower wait times in the hopes of improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. With the advent of remote queueing, none of this is necessary. Thanks to QLess queue management, it is possible to allow your customers to wait in a virtual queue with the click of a button, without ever having to stand in a line.

With the QLess queue management and appointment scheduling system, customers can join a virtual queue on their mobile device or computer and will be prompted by a text notification when their service time is approaching. Remote queueing is a fantastic tool for businesses and institutions looking to manage customer lines and appointments, and it can greatly improve customer and staff relations on a number of fronts. Below are some of the benefits that the QLess system provides.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

At first glance, the most readily apparent benefit of remote queueing has to do with the customer experience. If your customer can join a virtual line - via your website, a mobile app, or an on-site kiosk - that means there is no waiting in line for service. This cuts down on idle and unproductive time waiting, and your customers can attend to their own affairs right up until they're ready to be served.

Remote queueing also eliminates the need for long lines of disgruntled customers in the same space. With people waiting in a virtual line, you can dramatically reduce the number of customers taking up the physical space of your business. You can also reduce the associated frustrations of crowded stores, waiting rooms, or lobbies from restless children to sick patients to people talking loudly on cell phones.

Long lines are also notorious for causing customer walkouts. With remote queueing, customer walkouts go way down and revenues go up. These benefits will improve your customer satisfaction overall and help maintain higher retention levels and increased revenues.

Boosted Productivity and Efficiency

What will your customer service department do with all of that free time when they no longer have to field so many customer complaints? This is just the beginning of the productivity efficiencies you will see at your business. Furthermore, with the QLess FlexAppointments remote queueing system, your staff will have more control over customer appointments, be able to manage lines easier, steer customers to less busy times in the day, and fill scheduling gaps. This leads to drastically improved staff productivity, since more customers are getting to their appointments on time. Plus, staff don't have to spend as much time managing physical lines of customers in a crowded space.

With the improved communication that comes with our remote queueing system, staff can keep in touch with customers with ease, which leads to fewer no-shows and less wasted time waiting around for absent customers. A virtual queue system also regularly collects data on customer appointment activity, which allows businesses and institutions to improve their customer service and operational efficiency with superior feedback.

All of these benefits improve your business on the backend, too. With our cutting-edge remote queueing system, you will greatly increase productivity and improve the overall efficiency of operations. This even contributes back to improved customer service and retention, as now your services are even more effective and appealing on the frontend.

More Sustainable Growth

When a business grows to take on more customers, or an institution expands its operations to account for increased customers or a growing population, this often adds the complication of more people waiting in line. This kind of uneven growth can have a negative effect of hurting an establishment, as customers become annoyed with delayed services and long wait times. A poor customer experience not only causes walkouts and lost business, but it can spread through word of mouth, online reviews, and social media.

With QLess, your business can take advantage of a bounty of features and benefits that help you manage appointments with ease and greatly cut down on the amount of people waiting in a physical line. By allowing your establishment to grow and serve more customers, you don't have to worry about the long lines that come with that growth. Plus, you'll gain invaluable insights with our key data reports that help improve everything from customer satisfaction to employee efficiency.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you tired of customer walk-outs, no-show appointments, inefficient scheduling, long lines, and complaints? Minor adjustments to your conventional queueing process won't work. A modern solution already exists, and businesses everywhere are experiencing the many benefits that a virtual queue provides to their customers and operations.

The QLess remote queueing system provides a powerful tool for businesses to take control of their queueing and appointment management. Book a complimentary demo to discover how QLess can work for your business, or give us a call today at 1-800-405-4637 and get started with our revolutionary queue management and appointment scheduling system.