The Benefits of Digital Lines for Ski Resorts

We can all appreciate the thrill of hitting the slopes on a blustery winter day, but the fun can sometimes be dampened by long ski lift lines or even in the lodge itself. All of that can change if you use QLess to switch to a digital line solution to benefit your patrons. Read on for some of the best reasons skiing is better with QLess.

Enjoying The Experience

A ski resort is more than just the slopes themselves; many locations also have fantastic lodges, as well as restaurants and other forms of entertainment that your guests will want to enjoy. Why not help them get the most out of their experience (and, by extension, encourage them to spend more at your property) by replacing your ski lift lines with a digital line that gives your guests the flexibility to explore the rest of your resort while they wait their turn to ski? A great vacation includes the ability for your patrons to get out everything they put in, and switching to a wait time app can make it so not a moment of their time is wasted on anything but having the most enjoyable time possible.

Helping Your Staff

But taking advantage of this digital line technology will not just help your guests have a better time at your resort: it will allow your staff to service them better, too. As well as letting your patrons explore your grounds and make the most of their time, QLess also offers many resources that allow your staff to better coordinate with each other to serve your customers even more effectively. With a streamlined point of order system, accessible features for helping staff contact patrons directly when their turn at the ski lift line (or the bar) has come, and many other helpful user experience elements, switching to a digital line will help all your employees.

Try QLess For Yourself Today

You can order a business demo free of charge if you want to see firsthand the transformation QLess can achieve on your customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. And if you have questions about our wait time app that we have not answered here, leave us a comment below or get in touch directly for more in-depth queries. Making the change to a digital ski lift line could be the best thing that ever happened to you and your customers, so avoid the banks and drifts that come with a traditional line and upgrade to QLess today.