Upgrade Your Shooting Range Scheduling System Post-COVID

The shooting range industry is growing in popularity. As more Americans become first-time gun owners in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people will visit shooting range facilities to learn how to properly handle and use their weapons. Many shooting ranges do not use a crowd scheduling app, so they are ill-equipped to handle an increase in the number of visitors, resulting in long wait times, poor customer experience, and lost revenue.The termination of national lockdowns and stay-at-home orders post-COVID will drive flocks of gun owners and enthusiasts to shooting ranges, leading to increased wait times and, potentially, customer frustration with your services. To promote a higher-quality recreational shooting experience post-COVID, you must adopt advanced scheduling software systems to control crowds and reduce wait times at your shooting facility.

What is Scheduling Software?

Many visitors of shooting ranges wait in line for hours to take their turn. Long wait times are stressful and cause frustration, leading to customer attrition, reputational damage, and lost business revenue. A scheduling software solution, such as QLess's appointment booking and queue management app, can help your shooting range eliminate large crowds and reduce wait times to improve customer experience and increase business revenues.The QLess scheduling system enables your visitors to book an appointment in advance using an online platform, then join a remote queue to wait for their turn. Instead of wasting hours in a physical line, your customers can wait for their appointment in a digital line, reducing crowds and congestion at your facility. Visitors are able to use their wait time to eat lunch in a restaurant or work out in a gym while they receive real-time notifications about their latest place in line.

How Does QLess's Scheduling System Work?

The QLess appointment scheduling and crowd management solution for shooting range industries is a user-friendly software that can be offered on your website or on a mobile app to your customers. Your facility's visitors are able to access the system on your website or their own smartphone to schedule their appointment, and then join a virtual queue to wait for their turn. While waiting in the virtual queue, your customers receive timely updates on their estimated wait time and latest position in line so they know when it's their turn.QLess's interactive scheduling system enables your visitors to postpone their appointment if they need more time, or cancel their appointment if they are unable to show up. This crowd scheduling app allows real-time communication between your staff and customers. Shooting range employees can communicate with visitors on the platform using text messages and voice calls to help address any issues that may arise.

Get the QLess Shooting Range Scheduling App Now

Your shooting range business will likely experience an upsurge in visitors post-COVID. You should prepare for an increase in customers by modernizing your facility's scheduling system to offer a stellar customer experience. Providing innovative customer service solutions ,like a crowd scheduling app, to your visitors will help you gain a more loyal clientele, enhance your reputation, and increase revenue generation.If you want to transform visitor experience at your shooting range facility, let us help. QLess's crowd scheduling app for shooting ranges will reduce wait times, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase your business revenue. Contact us now to get a free demo to experience how our software solution can transform your business operations.