Waiting Room Solutions for Marijuana Dispensaries

Not all states and cities have fully legalized recreational marijuana, but those that have draw crowds from near and far away. Even the dispensaries that only sell medical marijuana pull in the crowds, especially when they restock with new varieties. Owners of marijuana dispensaries are used to having to manage crowded lobbies and long lines. But what if there was a better way than just "dealing with it"? QLess dispensary management software offers waiting room solutions for marijuana dispensaries that give them a modern edge against the competition.

How QLess Works

QLess dispensary management software is a simple waiting room solution that needs no hardware or lengthy installations. It works on major browsers and your customers' cell phones. It's so easy to implement and get operational that your staff will only need about two hours of training to learn all the details. Before your customers even arrive at your location, they can join a virtual line using your company's website or an app on their cell phone. They receive text or voice message updates about their approximate wait time, place in line, and they can even request additional time if they need it. Once it's their turn for service, the app gives them directions on which desk to approach.

Dispersing The Lines And Raising Satisfaction

marijuana dispensary no lines management software

With this modern technology, your customers no longer have to stand in a line or wait in a crowded room together. The QLess app gives them the freedom to wait wherever they wish, whether that's in the parking lot, in their car, or at nearby restaurants and retail shops. They can even join the virtual queue from the comfort of their home and decide on the appropriate time to leave from there. Because customers have this freedom, they are empowered to make better use of their wait time. They have higher levels of satisfaction, and they will be more likely to return to your business rather than another dispensary that hasn't discovered QLess waiting room solutions. You can also expect more great online reviews from customers once they are introduced to this modern technology. We all know that positive online reviews equal increased reach with more potential customers!

Ease For Staff And Data For Owners

QLess waiting room solutions provide your staff with a live dashboard and features that allow them to easily manage customers. They can even send direct communications straight to customers' cell phones. The dispensary management software also gives your business the opportunity to send alerts about current promotions and requests to complete satisfaction surveys. On the back end, owners receive important data about their customers' habits, transaction types and times, feedback, and other metrics. This information is available to download in easy to read graphs and reports so that owners can use them to improve operations and keep staff on track.

Contact QLess today to request a free business demo of our waiting room solutions. We've already helped countless businesses in many industries gain a competitive edge with this modern technology that gets rid of the lines and wait times.