Global Telecommunications Leader Reduces Lines, Gains Business


QLess technology is helping a multinational telecommunications company significantly reduce the wait time for customers, preventing walk-aways that lead to significant losses in business. Customers no longer have to take a paper ticket and wait in line, but instead can schedule appointments ahead of time via the QLess solution.


  • Business was using outdated, inefficient processes to queue customers, leading to lost opportunities.
  • After QLess, there was an immediate reduction in no-shows and walkaways.

“It’s kind of amazing that for a company selling mobile products and services to our customers, we had not fully adopted a mobile strategy for how we serve them,” said their Global Head of Retail Technology.

“With QLess, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time people must wait in line, meaning far fewer walk-aways and more business.”


With roughly 2,000 clients queuing at each of its stores in Spain each month, this telecommunications leader was facing a serious problem with walkaways – people who don’t have the time or the patience to wait. The company estimated that of those who left, only about one-third returned – often as much as three and a half months later. The other two-thirds never returned at all, meaning lost customers and lost revenue opportunities.

“We needed a modern, mobile solution that would reduce the amount of wait time for our customers and stop them from walking out the door with their business, often never to return."

“On average, the number of walk-out customers is equivalent to 17 months of lost value," said their Global Head of Retail Technology. 


After evaluating a number of options, the global telecommunications leader selected QLess with the goal of getting the system up and running fast.

“By our calculations, every day we delayed getting a solution in place was costing us roughly 7,500 lost customers. On an annual basis, that translates to more than a half a million dollars in profit.”

The benefits were immediate: their stores experienced a 66% reduction in service delays with customers. After success with a QLess pilot at one location, they rapidly expanded the rollout to all 85 stores, on schedule and within budget in 11 weeks.

“The QLess mobile solution allows us to bring our staff to customers rather than waiting for customers to come to them,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.

By allowing people to schedule appointments in advance via smartphone, PC or tablet, customers arrive when it’s their turn for prompt service.

“QLess sends updates to our customers via text or voice message, keeping them current on any changes or delays and even allowing them to reschedule appointments without losing their place in the queue,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.


Since launching QLess, the leading telecommunications company gained significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Right away, 42% of our customers adopted QLess to schedule and manage their appointments,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.


“We saw an immediate reduction in no-shows and walkaways of 12%, and overall customer satisfaction of 99% with the QLess app.”

Serving customers more quickly with the QLess solution is going straight to their bottom line. Each store is seeing an increase of $1,200 in profits each month from the mobile queuing feature alone. In addition, the reduction of no-shows and walk-aways resulted in more than a 600% return on investment.

Shoot Smart is a Fort Worth shooting range with a very specific vision in mind: to provide a customer-friendly atmosphere and break the mold in regard to the stale and dated atmosphere of contemporary shooting ranges. To this end, Shoot Smart decided to implement a flat rate along with a highly attentive training program. This business plan worked almost too perfectly, and Shoot Smart was soon beset with longer lines than they could handle with their current system.


Runaway success was becoming a source of major frustration for the Fort Worth shooting range. Customers would be so plentiful that they might face up to five hours of waiting time. Even more of a problem began to develop in terms of documentation. Shoot Smart didn’t have the space to store all of the gun licenses that it held while the owners were shooting.


Because of Shoot Smart’s popularity, wait times would remain predominantly the same. However, with the consolidation of waitlists into the app, customers are now free to spend their time how they wish, whether it’s socializing or exploring nearby businesses, without the stress and boredom of waiting in a physical line. Thanks to QLess, Shoot Smart registered 7,200 sign-ins on their virtual queue during the year following QLess implementation. With original mounting concerns, there had been worry that the shooting range would have to alter their environment, luckily, however, they have been able to maintain their inclusive, friendly environment.

Empower your customers to wait wherever they want with QLess.