Government Management Systems Will Increase Government Efficiency


Good government both creates and requires efficient systems.

The days of backlog at your local government office are over, thanks to new technology that effectively eliminates the wait time at your local DMV or county office. Waiting in line or holding a number causes frustration for many citizens who show up to pay their taxes, renew their license or seek other forms of government assistance. The result of endless line ups is disgruntled office staff who feel overworked and anxious as they try to help each citizen efficiently, while also keeping the line moving along.

See how a revamped government management system reduces the staff workload and keeps customers happy with more efficient service and a better line-up system. QLess technology helps government offices around the globe become tech-savvy leaders. As virtual line ups and advance appointments quickly become the norm, gaps are effectively eliminated with no extra hardware involved for your office. Take a look at some of the ways government management systems are increasing office efficiency nationwide.

1. Eliminate Paper

One of the greatest cost-saving and environmental benefits of using virtual technology in government offices is the reduction of paper usage. The days of office staff rummaging through files and finding paperwork become obsolete, as do paper jams, lost documents, and printing problems. QLess encourages paper reduction in government offices by:

  • Eliminating the need to print a number for customers who wait in line.
  • Notifying citizens when specific documents are needed at an appointment.
  • Using mobile technology to create appointments, instead of sending paper reminders.
  • Using SMS surveys instead of mailing surveys.

Your office will experience what the future looks like as government staff begin to eliminate old files and printing at the office. A mobile-driven government management system is environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Paper reduction means better much better efficiency for staff and citizens alike.

2. Reduce Wait Times

QLess mobile technology reduces office wait times drastically and gives control back to those who use government services the most. Citizens can now visit the government agency website and view current wait times. They can join the queue remotely from a mobile device in advance and arrive minutes before their scheduled appointment. Or, they elect to register via kiosks provided at a branch office, leave while they wait and run errands, and return at their appointed time. Here are some other benefits that reduce wait times in the QLess virtual line up system.

  • Citizens receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times via text or voice messages.
  • They can request more time if they are running late or cancel an appointment.
  • The system allows for two-way communication between the office and citizens in the virtual queue.

Before a scheduled appointment, citizens can receive a message confirming that their appointment is on time. The office can even elect to have the message direct them to the correct window. After implementing the QLess government management system technology, an office will often see the number of people waiting in line reduced by up to 35%. This allows workers to deliver the best customer service in a more peaceful environment.

3. QLess Reports and Surveys Improve Service Efficiency

QLess Reports provide information about citizen behavior as well as service metrics. Monitoring this data helps track the flow into the office and identify peak periods, allowing for better allocation of staff and resources. Tracking and reporting allows real-time access of data for each queue or location. Analyze no-show rates, return rates, outcome, transaction type, and service duration.

Immediate feedback is delivered to administrators through SMS surveys and responses provide analytical data that help administrators identify the areas for improvement. Clients who use QLess technology report a higher response rate to mobile SMS surveys. The system saves staff time and the office money by delivering the surveys digitally instead of via post. Here are some other ways QLess government management systems are improving service efficiency through reports and surveys:

  • Administrators can view how many citizens are served in a given time period.
  • Our reports can allow your office to track no-shows and see if they decrease.
  • Administration and staff can target specific areas of concern and address them quickly.

Request a demo now to see how QLess can help you improve service efficiency even more, or take a look at some offices who have already taken the plunge and piloted our technology at their local government branches.

4. Provide Citizens With Quicker Options

As your office decides whether a virtual queue government management system is the right fit, weighing the pros and cons means thinking about your existing users. Your office administration may be hesitant to dive into a completely cloud-based system. This can be for a variety of reasons – but the top concern that comes up is generally as follows: what do you do with citizens who are older or not as tech-savvy as the younger generation? QLess technology addresses that age gap by using an integrated system.

Fast and efficient remote mobile scheduling is a popular option for most. But it’s important to serve customers who have no mobile phone or choose not to use a QLess line. Your office can now operate one or more QLess lines in parallel to non-QLess lines.

  • Both lines can be served by the same staff.
  • Your office may choose to prioritize QLess users, or use two separate entry-points.
  • Walk-ins are still welcome. Traditional service is still possible.

Introducing a virtual queuing system does not have to mean completely eliminating the old way of doing things, but it will give your citizens a variety of options. As we move into the future, more and more citizens will expect the convenience of QLess-type technology. Your office will be ahead of the game in making this transition early-on. Many customers are so satisfied with the experience they would never go back to a traditional line-up.

5. Reduce Complaints


No one wants to hear complaints.

Having a busy office with an unpredictable wait time is a sure precursor to customer complaints, as people leave the office anxious and more frustrated than before. And who can blame them? After spending hours waiting in line, only to meet a disgruntled and overworked employee, it’s easy to leave feeling frustrated when your needs have not been met with the high-standards you expected your tax dollars to bring you. Our new government management system can change that.

  • Timely updates and notifications alert citizens about changes in wait time.
  • They will always know as they move closer to the front of the queue. No more mystery involved.
  • Fast and efficient appointment scheduling helps your citizens feel more in control of their own time. They will no longer have to wonder if they will make it back in time for the next meeting.

Our partners track a 100% improvement in customer satisfaction after implementing QLess in a new locale. In fact, citizens are so relieved by their change in experience, we are sure surveys will reflect their satisfaction. Take a look at some of the reasons citizens are raving about QLess technology in your local government office.

6. Boost Staff Morale

A new government management system in your office can mean either frustration or liberation for your staff team. QLess technology can help equalize the workload between multiple offices, easing the disparity between them by directing citizens to a less-busy office or area. This drastically eases the burden on staff at a notoriously busy office. Here are some of the other ways staff have become more efficient, and satisfied that they are delivering the highest-standard of services for their tax-payers:

  • Since nobody is fuming behind the scenes due to a long line up, staff report feeling less anxious as they can focus on just the person with them without feeling like they have to rush.
  • Staff can use QLess technology to steer customers to a less busy time of day, leading to decreased office crowding.
  • Our system allows staff to schedule appointments and manage lines more efficiently.

The result is a 90% improvement in staff productivity due to a better organizational system. Staff we have worked with report feeling more focused and less stress-out. Overall, our clients report that their staff are better equipped to deliver the best service possible in the shortest period of time.

7. Reduce No-Shows

One of the best ways to reduce efficiency at your government office is by mishandling ‘no-shows.’ Many citizens already know what it’s like to be sitting nearby holding a number or waiting in line while hearing another number repeatedly called, and then abandoned, leaving a long lag in service time. Imagine how a cloud-based government management system could change all that.

  • If someone wants to cancel an appointment, it’s as simple as texting “L” for leave.
  • When you allow someone to wait wherever they want in the virtual queue, their patience is increased, reducing the chances that they won’t show up.
  • Few people waiting in line will leave due to unknown waiting times.

There is a documented reduction of no-shows observed at offices that have made the switch to our virtual line up system. This leaves your staff able to focus on citizens who do need help, instead of wasting time figuring out whether or not their next appointment will result in a no-show.

8. Repurpose Office Space


Without reserving space for lines, office space can be repurposed.

One of the natural results in a traffic-reduction at your government office is the amount of freed-up space. Your citizens will no longer enter the building and see long line-ups and crowded foyers. As a result, they will be less likely to walk away in frustration, and will instead get the help and services they require.

The QLess government management system may well free up entire areas of your government office that could be repurposed for other uses. Here are some options for the future of your office.

  • Beautify the space and make a more welcoming environment for your staff and citizens.
  • Rent out extra space for increased income.
  • Plan to downsize your office to a smaller location in the far future.

These and other long-term plans are now possible and can save your organization money in the future, or even generate income.

9. Few Resources and Setup Costs Required


The QLess system gives your business state-of-the-art digital architecture.

Implementing a new government management system can be time-consuming and costly. Staff need re-training in many cases. The equipment can be expensive and difficult to install. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you choose an effective and proven system in the first place, and think about how much time and money it will cost your organization.

The best part about choosing the QLess system is that very few extras are needed to get your office started on a path to the digital future. Many staff and citizens already own the technology required for the system to work. The additional training needed is minimal due to the fact that many of your staff are likely already experts at navigating other time-saving apps they currently use. Optional on-site kiosks give your office choices, and you can tailor our system to work for you.

  • Web-based software means there is no additional hardware required.
  • No updates or installations are needed. This will save your office hundreds or even thousands in future IT costs.
  • You can roll out the program as quickly or as slowly as you want, allowing your workforce and citizens the time to adapt to the program.

One thing you will notice about our services is that glitches and extra waiting for your citizens are reduced. Paper jams, lost documents and frustration can all be a thing of the past. As far as government management systems go, implementation has never been easier.

10. Introduce the System with an Individualized Plan for Your Office

At QLess, our expert staff knows that every office functions in a unique way. We’ve tailored plans to help government offices roll out a new government management system on a timeline that works for them. There is no “one size fits all” for your office, and we are here to work with you and create an individualized plan. Here are some options our clients have chosen:

  • Your office might choose to pilot QLess technology in one office and learn from the experience.
  • Expand the technology to other offices once using staff leaders from the pilot office. This way, your top staff leaders and administration have already worked out any kinks during the implementation process.
  • Your office can choose to simple roll out the technology alongside the old system.

Our executive team has a proven track record of making QLess technology work flawlessly in your office. Within weeks, you will begin to reap the rewards of transitioning to this new way of servicing citizens in your area.

11. Prepare for the Unexpected

Times of unexpected increases in traffic at your office can be hard to predict, but they will happen. This is where a reliable government management system is truly a lifesaver. One of these instances in volume-increase happens following a natural disaster or another unexpected event. This is where your virtual queue will help set everyone’s mind at ease as they get what they need in a timely manner.

  • Citizens wait in a virtual queue while they seek services, allowing them to rebuild their lives.
  • QLess reports can track the number of staff hours worked and citizens served.
  • Reports on working and service hours help justify any adjustments or additional budget requests, as well as overtime pay.

Since requests for specific government services increase dramatically after a disaster, advance preparation for such an event is always best. Our QLess system helps your office prepare for the unknown by being on standby to order your queue when you need it.

12. Proven Success in Increasing Efficiency


Everyone is happy when government services run efficiently.

QLess has a proven strategy to increase efficiency and reduce wait times at government offices around the globe. Read some of our customer success stories to see how we have completely revamped other offices like yours using our innovative government management system. Airport offices, DMVs, and county government offices have already used our technology and it is proven to work. Here are some of our greatest success stories:

  • We helped reduce the wait time to obtain airport badges at one of the busiest airports in the country.
  • We helped Orange County, FL local government office reduce the number of people waiting in line by 35%.
  • This DMV has doubled customer satisfaction by serving 50% more citizens and decreasing no-shows by 35%.

Spend some time reading about how we’ve helped other offices meet their service goals, and request a virtual tour to help you meet yours.

Put QLess to Work Now

Your government office could be our next success story. Get ready to jump forward in time with the most innovative customer service strategy. Contact QLess now to see how you can transition to a more efficient government management system today.