How Student Scheduling Software for Colleges Reduces Queue Time


Long lines and large crowds of students at the registrar’s office, library, counseling office, retail points, and other service points can be a drag on your students’ experience, as well as your staff. With a queue management and scheduling software for colleges like QLess, students across campus can wait for the services they need from almost anywhere, like class, the library, the student union, or even the dorm.

When a student’s service time opens, they’re notified via text on their mobile phone or email on their laptop. It’s a simple solution that enhances the student experience while reducing perceived wait times, streamlining administrative efforts, and increasing staff efficiency and productivity. Because queue management solutions like QLess are cloud-based, the investment is cost-effective and implementation easy, maximizing ROI.

Here’s a look at how appointment scheduling software for colleges helps reduce queue time.

What You Get With Appointment Scheduling Software

Queue management and appointment scheduling solutions come with a number of features that help reduce or eliminate long lines while streamlining services processes across the different departments in your college. Some of the core features of an appointment scheduling software for colleges include:

  • Accessible on any internet-enabled device including mobile devices, PCs and tablets
  • Allows each college department to customize options for specific needs
  • Appointment scheduling features enhance services such a health clinic and counseling
  • Real-time updates that allow students to get notified of their estimated wait time
  • Accurate reporting that helps the administration to plan better and improve services
  • Easy prioritization and transfer of students to other services based on the collected data
  • Text-based hailing that helps disperse crowds and manages student flow.

How Scheduling Software Works: Four Processes

  • The Registration Process
    Once you’ve implemented an appointment scheduling software for your college, students can register for the service via a web-based link on your college website, a smartphone app, or even an on-site virtual queuing kiosk. By entering their personal details, such as their names, phone number, what services they want to be scheduled, which department they’re seeking services, and what time they’re ready for the service, they can be notified when their spot is available.
  • The Appointment Process
    Once registered, students can book appointments in advance. Whether they want to schedule a class, make an appointment at the health clinic, book a place in the busy registrar’s office during admissions or orientation, or get an open seat in the crowded library, student scheduling software for colleges helps streamline the appointment process, eliminating the need to end up waiting for service. Students also receive texts reminding them about their appointments.
  • The Waiting Process
    Once students have scheduled their appointment on our software, they can wait for their service from anywhere in the college. This means more free time for students to attend class, go to the library, or engage in extracurricular activities, and less physical space needed to handle large numbers of students. Students will then receive a text alert when their turn in the queue is near and again when the staff is ready to serve them based on their appointment details.
  • The Virtual Queue Hailing Process
    Using a college appointment scheduling software, staff can call students by simply pressing the next button on their screen or inform them via text when their turn comes. Staff manning service points across the college can also prioritize, transfer, or re-queue students to another service when necessary to make service delivery efficient and convenient. With access to the queueing system, students can cancel or re-queue to get the services they need.

Why Appointment Scheduling Works

The relationship between unacceptable wait times for college students and resulting dissatisfaction is something that college administrators can influence when they adopt the right strategies. While students are no strangers to lines, implementing appointment scheduling software plays a big role in optimizing service efficiency, reducing wait times for students and enhancing the overall campus experience.

Below, we look at the different reasons why appointment scheduling software for colleges works:

For Students

  • Appointment scheduling helps reduce perceived wait time for students as they spend their waiting-time engaging in other activities
  • Students can join a virtual queue at any time and from anywhere, and schedule service appointments for the future
  • College administrators can interact and engage with students through multiple omnichannel touchpoints like mobile, online, texting, email, on-site kiosk, in-person, and even via digital signage
  • By getting exact wait times via queue management and appointment scheduling software or app, students feel more in control and experience fewer frustrations
  • By knowing current wait times for the services they need, students can better organize their schedules on campus, further enhancing their time-management and planning

For Staff

  • Appointment scheduling software for colleges keeps track of every detail, including student information, the number of students, services running across campus, and wait times. This data can be tracked and used to create reports to increase efficiency
  • By eliminating crowds at service points, our software allows staff to focus more time on serving and processing students instead of controlling lines and crowds
  • By keeping everyone connected and ensuring easy access to data, our software provides your staff with the capabilities they need to improve productivity
  • Appointment scheduling software is always available and accessible, providing real-time and actionable data that can be used to improve queue management and student services

For Administrators

  • With the right information in hand, administrators can improve efficiency to ensure students get quality services in the most efficient and effective ways
  • A cloud-based appointment scheduling software for colleges reduces costs by eliminating the need for investing in expensive server-based infrastructure, reducing labor requirements, and reducing maintenance needs
  • The flexibility that comes with using this software means less operational problems and costs, increasing ROI
  • Historical reporting helps visualize trends such as student traffic across different departments, average wait times, and service times to enhance planning

The Bottomline


A computer user looks at a screen

Every college administration is faced with a constant race to improve student services, and digital transformation is a big step towards achieving that. By embracing appointment scheduling technology for managing student queues, colleges can say goodbye to long lines and crowds. If you’re looking for proven queue management and appointment scheduling software for your college, feel free to get started with QLess Solutions.

Easily manage the chaos in your college offices today. Request a free demo to get started or call us at + 1 (800) 405-4637 to discuss your queue management needs.