Removing lines from the student experience.


Join From Anywhere

Students join a line or schedule an appointment from wherever they are via mobile device, campus website, QLess app, onsite kiosk, or API — eliminating the need to wait in line for service.

Alerts & Communication

Students are sent automated alerts to let them know their place in line, estimated wait time, and when to arrive for their appointment -- allowing them to wait where they want -- in their dorm, at the library, or at a coffee shop.

Streamline Services

Students are served upon arrival and are able to return to their day with minimal disruption -- keeping them happy and improving their experience.

Improve Operations

With greater visibility, no lines and happier students, employees are more efficient and productive -- creating smarter, more effective operations.

Slash attrition rates up to


Boost student satisfaction rates up to


Reduce service operating costs up to


Queue Management & Appointment Scheduling for Higher Education

Learn how QLess is eliminating lines, streamlining processes, and improving the student experience on or off campus.

For Colleges & Universities, we improve student experiences across departments.

We've helped a wide range of educational institutions achieve more streamlined operations and integrated student experiences.

Bursar's Office
Simplify collecting and analyzing all student charges.

Reduce waiting times for college admissions.

Finance Registrar
Give visibility to university administration teams.

Academic Advising
Make appointment scheduling a breeze.

Financial Aid Departments
Build better student workflows.

Information Technology (IT)
Streamline on campus, dorm and faculty appointments.

Athletic Departments
Manage many on campus facilities with ease.

Student Affairs
Create a great college student experience.

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York University
Florida International University
Northern Virginia Community College
University of British Columbia
Florida state College

"QLess has not only vastly reduced the lines of students waiting to access campus services, but also provides valuable insights that allow us to improve the entire college experience."

Rolando García | South Campus President | Broward College

Reduce student wait times significantly.

Simplify process for college administrators.

Eliminate missed appointments by students.

Schedule a demo to see how Qless improves student experiences.

Colleges and Universities often have complex needs when it comes to managing the flow of students within and across departments. An integrated line management and appointment scheduling platform specifically designed for campus environments will improve operations and student experiences significantly.