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In today’s digital age, adopting the latest technologies is critical for running a competitive and successful enterprise. Boosting business growth is one of the top reasons why organizations invest in new technologies. Like other organizations, the healthcare industry is also heavily reliant on new technologies like medical office scheduling software to improve service quality and promote business growth.

Healthcare technologies reduce resource waste, boost productivity, and improve patient experience, helping you operate a more successful medical practice. If your healthcare practice is not as successful or busy as you’d like it to be, your old and inefficient scheduling software might be to blame. Look out for these signs to determine if you need to upgrade your doctor’s office scheduling software:

Increased Human Error

Outdated medical office scheduling software has cumbersome workflows, making them frustrating to work with. Frustrated employees are more likely to make data entry mistakes, leading to increased scheduling errors in your clinic. If double bookings, overlapping appointments, and other scheduling errors are becoming commonplace in your practice, you need to invest in new software to save your clinic’s reputation.

Modern medical office scheduling software — like the Qless healthcare appointment scheduling app — has simple, user-friendly workflows which make it very easy to operate. Reduced user frustration will lead to fewer data entry errors, improving the quality of your patient scheduling services. Delivering better-quality services will increase patient trust in your clinic, helping you get a busier practice.

More Appointment No-Shows

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Missed appointments cost doctors at least $200 per no-show. With up to 30 percent of medical appointments ending up as inpatient no-shows, those losses add up and damage your practice financially. Having outdated doctor’s office scheduling software that makes it inconvenient for patients to cancel or change appointments is one of the leading causes of no-shows in healthcare practices.

More than 77 percent of patients would like to have the ability to book, change, or cancel their appointments using an online medical office scheduling software. If your scheduling software does not provide online booking functionalities, you need an upgrade right now. Qless appointment scheduling software gives patients the convenience to adjust bookings online through your website or an app. Qless’s online booking system will decrease unused scheduling capacity, helping your practice generate more revenue.

Need More Tools and Functionalities

Calling every patient to ask for feedback or confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments can overwhelm your employees. Workplace fatigue reduces the quality of your services which can harm your clinic’s reputation and make it difficult to retain and attract new patients. If your medical office scheduling software does not provide enough tools to ease administrative work, you need an upgrade to boost employee morale and improve service quality.

Modern doctors’ office scheduling software provides many features to simplify the booking procedure and improve patient care. The Qless appointment and queue management software provides a bidirectional communication platform between staff and patients to simplify the booking confirmation and cancellation process. Qless also offers automated surveys to collect real-time feedback from patients, reducing the administrative burden on your employees.

Upgrade Your Medical Office Scheduling Software to Qless

Appointment scheduling and handling are the first impressions patients get of your medical practice. Patients need to get a good first impression of a clinic’s services so they can trust the medical practice with their healthcare needs.

Qless’s award-winning online booking software provides all the cutting-edge tools you need to streamline your clinic’s appointment scheduling procedure. Contact us to learn more about our medical scheduling software or request a business demo to experience how the online booking system improves patient care.