A patient queue management system that removes lines from the health care experience.

Patient Join From Anywhere

Join From Anywhere

Through our hospital queue system, patients join a line or schedule an appointment from wherever they are via mobile device, website, QLess app, onsite kiosk, or API — eliminating the need to wait.

Hospital Alerts & Communications

Alerts & Communication

Patients are sent automated alerts to let them know their place in line, estimated wait time, and when to arrive for their appointment -- allowing them to wait where they want -- in their home, at the office, or at a coffee shop.

Streamline Queue Services

Streamline Services

Patients are served upon arrival and are able to return to their day with minimal disruption -- keeping them safe, happy and improving their experience with our efficient hospital queue system.

Improve Patient Operations

Improve Operations

With greater visibility, no lines and happier patients, employees are more efficient and productive -- creating smarter, more effective operations.



Reduced number of
patients waiting


Improved operational


Increased patient

QLess manages the patient journey.

We create safer experiences at healthcare organizations.


Improve the patient care journey with bi-directional communication.


Reduce wait times with our patient queue management system.

Surgical Centers

Check-in patients with our virtual queue app.

Blood Banks

Streamline primary care, test appointments, and follow-ups.

Happier people across thousands of locations.

For labs and clinics, we provide a patient queue management system that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

"QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess will become a standard in healthcare systems.

Donald Kimes | Medical Director | Aplus Urgent Care

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Empower Your Patients

  • 500,000 customers served per week
  • 26,000,000 customers served per year
  • 10,000,000 customers join lines remotely per year
  • 2,500,000 customer appointments per year
  • 2,600,000 SMS text surveys delivered per year
  • 7 average text interactions per visitor
  • 600,000 no-shows turned into later shows
  • 90% reduction in on-site wait times