Phone Queue System

No matter how nice your waiting room is, it gets boring for customers fast. No amount of magazines, coffee, snacks and vending machines, calming music, cable TV, or WiFi can satisfy people while they wait. Even entertainment for children, like toys, books, and games, won’t hold their attention for very long. Sitting rooms can make people testy and more likely to become unsatisfied with your services. Phone queue systems change it all.

Change the Way Customers View Waiting

People in line need phone queue system

The loathing that most people feel for waiting in line can cause them to put off using services with long wait times. Many people will literally pay more for something that they don’t have to wait for. Most will agree that their time is precious enough that they will pay not to waste it. A great example is Amazon. Though you may have to pay more for an item, you don’t have to wait in line at a retail store. This is part of what makes Amazon so successful. 

If we could change the perception of waiting in line from the dreaded, boring waiting room and endless lines with far too few tellers, to having the freedom to explore nearby businesses, customers would likely use these services more freely. 

With the QLess phone queue system, the boring waiting room will become a thing of the past. Our modern technology lets customers join a virtual line that alerts their cell phone through text or voice messages. It lets them know the estimated wait time and updates them as they move closer to the front of the line. When it is their turn, it gives them directions they need to reach the correct service desk.

When you’re waiting to be served, you know there is a certain amount of time that you can utilize before you’re up next. But how long will it be? Do you have enough time to grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant or fast food place? Do you have time to pop outside for some fresh air? Or, will you miss your name or number being called and have to start the whole wait process over again? When you know your approximate wait time with a phone queue management system, it gives you a good idea of how you can spend your time being productive instead of wasting it.

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Why Customers Love Businesses with Virtual Queues

When customers experience QLess in action, they are less likely to become irritable and unsatisfied. With knowledge of their wait time and alerts for service, they have the freedom to use their wait time however they want. 

Many people enjoy browsing and shopping at nearby retail stores, eating at local restaurants, or grabbing a brew. Even just the act of sitting and doing physically nothing can drive people to become fussy. With the freedom of the QLess phone queue system, they can go outside, walk around, listen to music in their car, or anything that makes them more comfortable with the prospect of having to wait for service.

Customers who have a choice between businesses that offer the same service will almost always choose the one that utilizes a phone queue system over one that doesn’t. Brightly lit waiting rooms with magazine issues from years ago will soon be a thing of the past, just like payphones. 

Some businesses have limited space for people to wait. One look at a crowded waiting room can turn people the other way and send them running in the opposite direction. One example of this is popular restaurants during meal times. If they have a lack of adequate chairs and space for people to wait inside, potential customers are forced to stand outside in cold, hot, rainy, or snowy weather. This can cause people to change their minds and simply walk out and find another restaurant. 

Many restaurants use of beepers that vibrate and flash when their table is ready and a hostess will give them an approximate wait time. The problem with this system is that hostesses can estimate times wrong on the fly, beepers don’t give wait time updates, and you can’t leave the general area of the restaurant without the beeper losing signal. So, you are still tied to the building even though you may want to stick out the approximate hour-long wait elsewhere. Line queue apps make all the difference in situations like these.        

How Do We Know Customers Are More Satisfied?

Giving surveys to customers is something that every business should do to gain insights about their customer relations and to help improve their business models and strategies. In most cases today, a business will send you a survey by email after they have completed their services with you. These emails can arrive within the same day or within the next few days. 

A lot of these emails will be ignored by the customer because they don’t want to waste time with it, usually due to its irrelevance days, or hours, later. The more time that passes since their service encounter, the less likely they will be to complete the survey. In a lot of cases, people will only leave customer feedback or answer surveys if they had an exceptional experience, or a very poor one.

With QLess, a short survey is sent to their cell phone just after they have completed their business. Short lengths, easy to read survey questions, and fast delivery times have been proven effective at gaining more participation from customers. In fact, most organizations that use the QLess phone queue system have shown 100% improvement in customer satisfaction

Communication Makes People Comfortable

Just being ‘in the know’ makes people feel more at ease and comfortable with their surroundings. When people look at long lines, they have a decision to make. Will they wait it out, or will they try again some other time? When they have access to approximate wait times, they can make an educated decision. The line queue app reduces the number of walk-outs for a business. Updates on their progress in the line help customers decide how to manage their wait time appropriately and return in a timely manner for service. 

Let’s say a customer has decided they have enough time to grab a snack before they are next in line because of the phone queue system information. They underestimate the time it took to walk to the local burger joint and grab something to eat. Inside, they order their food, but it took longer to come out than anticipated as well. Halfway through their meal, they are notified that they have about 15 minutes before it’s their turn. Luckily, the second part of the message asks if they need more time. They reply that they need more time and they can finish their meal without rushing. The customer returns and gets the service they have been waiting for.   

Without the QLess line queue app, the customer may have realized they were running short on time and speedily choked down their burger only to return and find their number had been called. They had been skipped over and must start the wait over again. A person in this situation is likely to just walk out. Our app drastically reduces walk-outs and no-shows. 

The Bottom Line

The QLess phone queue system is a modern technology that makes your customers’ lives, and your employees’ lives, easier and more efficient. Step out of the dark ages with waiting rooms that inspire dread and unquenchable boredom. You don’t want to see your customers as their frustration and dissatisfaction grows exponentially from waiting. Set them free to spend their time how they want to. 

Customers love to feel like they’ve killed two birds with one stone. Now, they can get their oil changed and pick up some essentials at the grocery store for dinner using this unique phone queue system. The more time you can give back to the customer, the happier they will be. Incorporating QLess in your company is an excellent start to building a business with a great reputation for time management.

Our representatives can give you the details and a rundown of how the software works and how you can get started reducing walk-outs and no-shows while growing your repeat customers. Contact QLess today for a free business demo of our phone queue system.