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Dan Reshida

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Communicate with customers on their preferred platform: text, email, or mobile app.

Offering choice to your customers elevates their experience and reduces the risk of overlooked communications and missed appointments.

Timely status updates keep customers informed as they approach the front of the line.

Customers can view status updates, request more time, or cancel their appointment. Open, bi-directional communication for both employees and customers promotes cooperation and reduces frustration.

Personalization is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Deliver targeted communication and promotions that are tailored to your audience with custom messaging and information.

Bi-Directional Communication Features

Increased Personalization

Enhanced Customer Experience

Greater Visibility

Real-Time Updates

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Reduction In Missed Appointments

See two-way communication in action.

Empower your customers to wait wherever they want with QLess.