Removing lines from the customer experience.

Join From Anywhere

Adopters join a line or schedule an appointment from wherever they are via mobile device, website, QLess app, onsite kiosk, or API — eliminating the need to wait in line for service.

Alerts & Communication

Adopters and patients are sent automated alerts to let them know their place in line, estimated wait time, and when to arrive for their appointment -- allowing them to wait where they want -- in their home, at the office, or at a coffee shop.

Streamline Services

Adopters and patients are served upon arrival and are able to return to their day with minimal disruption -- keeping them, and their four-legged friends, happy and improving their experience.

Improve Operations

Detailed analytics provide insight into adopter and patient behavior and service metrics to identify areas where customer service and efficiency could be improved.

Reduce the number of people waiting in line by up to


Elevate staff productivity by up to


Improve customer satisfaction by up to


QLess for Animal Shelters & Veterinary Clinics

Watch this short video to learn how QLess is eliminating lines, streamlining processes, and improving the customer experience.

Empower your customers to wait wherever they want with QLess.