Streamline Patient Services With Unified Appointment & Queue Management Software

Patient Join From Anywhere

Streamline Patient Experiences

Reduce your patients’ wait time — and your waiting room volume — by allowing patients to join your line from anywhere. Through QLess’ healthcare scheduling systems, patients can queue or schedule an appointment via mobile device, website, QLess app, onsite kiosk, or API

Hospital Alerts & Communications


Improve Patient Communication

Create more transparent, convenient experiences for patients with automated alerts and recommendations. QLess is the only patient scheduling software to provide estimated wait times, eliminating frustration and cancellations.


Streamline Queue Services

Reduce Appointment No-Shows

Reduce costly no-shows using two-way communication via text and/or email. Patients can easily reschedule, cancel, or rejoin the line if they are running late. QLess automatically refills appointment cancelations from a waitlist.

Improve Patient Operations





Streamline patient workflows using QLess' business intelligence. Managers can easily analyze patient services, track performance across locations, and compare employee productivity metrics. 

Reduce the number of patients waiting by up to


Improve operational efficiencies by up to


Increase patient satisfaction by up to


Learn More About QLess Healthcare Scheduling Software

See how the QLess healthcare scheduling systems eliminate lines to bring efficiency, better patient experiences, and more insights to waiting rooms across the country. 

Prioritize the Patient Journey With Our Unified Appointment and Queue Management Software

We’ve helped a wide range of healthcare organizations achieve more streamlined operations and enhanced patient experiences.

Clinical Labs
Improve patient journey with

bi-directional communication.

Independent Labs

Load balance customer flow across locations.

Urgent Care
Minimize crowded waiting rooms and increase patient satisfaction.

Enhance service quality and reduce no-shows.


Simplify appointment scheduling and reduce no-shows. 


Reduce wait times and give patients more visibility.

Buena Vista Urgent Care

"QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess will become a standard in healthcare systems."

Donald Kimes | Medical Director | Aplus Urgent Care

Let your patients wait where they want while you improve efficiency, ensure satisfaction, and gather insights.