Delivering Better Customer Queue Management, Virtually.

Improve Customer Retention With Call Back Queuing.

Seamless flow and limitless freedom. With the virtual queue app, customers join or schedule appointments remotely, receiving a call back when at the front of the line to streamline the waiting process.

Video Conferencing at Precisely the Right Time.

Personal consultations without the hassle. With Microsoft Teams and Zoom integrations, customers in queue receive video conference links when their appointment begins. Physical lines and impersonal experiences are a thing of the past with a virtual queue solution.


Mobile Accessibility

Easy access means customer convenience, and the QLess Virtual Service can be used on any smartphone or tablet. Customers can pick their ideal communication option with SMS messages, phone calls, a website, or a virtual queue app.

Combines Seamlessly with Core Features

The QLess queue management, appointment scheduling, and virtual conference software has features that blend seamlessly. All functionalities and features combine to create a smooth customer and employee experience with increased efficiency delivering better results.

Empower your customers to wait wherever they want with QLess.