4 Ways Virtual Queue Apps Can Improve Government Offices

Government monuments can benefit from a virtual queue app during the busy season

Managing the long office line up without a virtual queue app causes frustration and stress for government office employees and taxpayers alike. With wait times being unpredictable and ever-changing, it’s hard to know how many customers will be served in one day or how many staff should be scheduled during a given time period. For administration, this causes more headaches on high-volume days as customer complaints mount and staff burnout increases.

Choosing a modern virtual queue app can effectively eliminate many of these problems in a few short weeks. See how the face of your office can change by clearing the long line and allowing customers to schedule how and where they choose to wait. Unsure of how it works? Explore these four ways a virtual queue app from QLess can improve your office experience.

1. Say Goodbye to Long Lines in Your Office

The standard image of your local government office most likely includes the vision of long line ups of customers waiting to check another errand off their list of things to do. All too often, these simple ten-minute tasks turn into day-long affairs. Walking in, taking a number, and sitting down as you carry your pile of paperwork is not a productive way to spend your time. Taxpayers expect and deserve better… and a virtual queue app can help your office deliver. 

  • Allow walk-ins to check into your office using a kiosk or their own mobile device. Let them decide if they want to stick around or reschedule based on the wait time
  • Citizens can receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times via text or voice messages
  • With queue management software from QLess, see your on-site wait times shorten by up to 97%

QLess’ technology eliminates the gap between walking in the door and speaking to a helpful staff member to resolve a problem. Using a virtual queue app and mobile cloud-based technology, customers can finally make better use of their time. See your office line up almost disappear.

2. Boost Efficiency in Your Office

With shorter lines and a better flow, your staff can finally deliver optimal service. QLess technology empowers your staff to direct customers to lower-volume periods, or communicate with them via text or voice messages. You can customize these to match the voice and image your office wants to present. See your staff productivity increase up to 90% and watch as customers enjoy being greeted with a smile every time.

  • Administrators can now easily track and view how many customers were helped by staff over a given time period
  • Staff can use a tablet to greet customers who are waiting using our Concierge App and interact with them in line
  • Instead of wasting time trying to estimate how long the wait will be, staff can rely on the virtual queue app for real-time updates, avoiding the frustration that often comes with uncertainty

Allow more mobility and more options for your staff and waiting customers. Instead of a busy office, direct waiting customers to run errands or visit a nearby coffee shop or restaurant for the duration of their wait so that they don’t waste time in your office. Allow them to choose if the wait time works for their schedule, and give them the option to reschedule for another day. Your staff will spend more time focused on helping individuals in the office and less time redirecting and rescheduling.

3. Enhance Communication and Reduce Complaints

Waiting in line at home using a virtual queue app

One of the top priorities of any office is enhancing customer satisfaction. Our virtual queue app allows your visitors to have more choice and better communication – which drastically reduces daily frustrations and complaints. Explore how two-way communication and timely updates can keep your customers happy. Here are some of the great benefits of using QLess queue management software in your office.

  • Regular updates include any changes in wait time, so your visitors no longer wonder if they can make it back in time for their next appointment
  • The app allows customers to request more time to get to their scheduled appointment in case errands take longer than expected
  • Customers can cancel or reschedule appointments as needed, without disturbing your office staff who are busy meeting the needs of others

Many organizations see a 100% improvement in customer satisfaction after establishing a queue management system and using a virtual queue app. Visitors in your office expect to wait a while — but they want to be in-the-know so that they can plan their time accordingly. A customer feedback survey collects data that your administration can adjust and inform office planning more immediately.

4. Reduce Paper

One of the best ways to reduce the look of clutter in your office is to get rid of all the paper. Of course, your organization can still choose to print paper tickets from a free-standing kiosk in the lobby area, but it’s now optional for your office visitors. Instead, allow your customers to choose our virtual queue app as a form of communication.

  • We can notify visitors regarding changes remotely and with no paper
  • Our reminders can reduce the chances that customers arrive with the wrong paperwork as our system can provide a customized checklist of required documents for the appointment
  • Use SMS surveys instead of paper surveys after appointments to collect important service data and feedback

Move toward the future and reduce the cost and clutter involved with paper. A mobile-driven system can look forward to a more streamlined and environmentally-friendly service for the next generation.

Put QLess to Work for Your Office

See why innovative offices across six continents are using new technology to enhance their professional image. Your government office is our next success story. Contact QLess now to see how you can transition to using a virtual queue app in your office today.