Beat Your Competitors With Waiting Queue Software

If you are a business that accumulates long lines and wait times, then you've got a problem that could be sending customers away to your competitors. People hate to wait, and when they have an option to jump ship for a shorter line, they will take it. Businesses in education, government, logistics, retail, healthcare, hotels, and many more are in a perfect position to utilize a modern queue or concierge app to quell their queue and gain an edge against their competitors. Waiting queue management software is a new technology that will soon replace 'take-a-number' and other antiquated systems. Success stories from businesses already using this new system are a promising example of how customers will never view standing in line the same way again.

How the Waiting Queue Software Works

Whether you simply get long lines from walk-ins or you have a more complex system where scheduling appointments is needed, the QLess waiting queue software can handle it all. Customers can join virtual queues before they even step through the door by using your company's website, an app on their mobile phone, or a physical kiosk at your location. There is no hardware or expensive installs required. It works through web browsers and automatically updates so you don't have down time during business hours.

Once the customer has joined the line through the waiting queue software, they receive instant notifications on their cell phone about wait times and their place in line. From there, they can spend extra time browsing your business for more goods, grab something to eat at a nearby restaurant, go for a walk, or simply wait in their vehicle. As customers move up in the queue, they receive updates and are asked if they need extra time. If they request more time, they will be moved further back in the queue instead of having to start the line over from the beginning again.

When it is close to their turn, the waiting queue software summons the customer to the business and gives them directions as to where they should seek service. Should delays happen, your staff can directly communicate with customers using voice or text messages. Keeping customers informed helps give them a better experience. Once they have completed their transaction, the app sends them a short customer satisfaction survey. Immediate delivery of surveys increases the rates of completion, giving you more accurate satisfaction information from customers and their experiences.

Analytics Help You Plan Successful Promotions

One of the best features of the QLess waiting queue software is that it records valuable data into easy to read reports and graphs that can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel, Access, and CSV file formats for your records. You have access to all of your customer satisfaction surveys as well as other pertinent data like return rates, no-show and walk-out rates, outcomes, transaction types and durations, customer preferences, and identifying customer information.

Businesses can use these analytics to create tailored promotions that are built from real customers' preferences and feedback. The software gets even better, with the option to send notifications to customers in line about your current sales and promos. You may already have posters and other advertisements that are clearly visible in your place of business, but that doesn't mean people are going to pay attention to them.

When you use the waiting queue software app, your customers are already checking their cell phone for updates on their wait time and will almost definitely view your promo. With the power of real customer information and preferences, you can create promos that blow your competitor's sales out of the water.

The data that is collected can also be used to assess how you can make improvements in your business operations. You can use transaction times and customer feedback to create incentive programs to get your employees working more efficiently and with better outcomes.

Increased Satisfaction Means Keeping Quality Employees

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When your customers are happier, they will treat your employees with more respect and kindness. This in turn leads to happier employees who will be more likely to stay with your business. Employees always have the option to seek new and better opportunities, and this often means turning to your competitors. When you have quality employees, and we all know they can be hard to find, it is important to keep them under your wing and not give them up to the competition.

The QLess waiting queue software also boosts your employees' productivity. With no more crowded waiting areas to manage, employees can spend more time focusing on individual customers. A real-time dashboard lets them manage the queue, communicate directly with customers, view what services people need, and effectively integrate walk-ins with scheduled appointments.

Good Reviews Lead to New Business

A good reputation is imperative to grow a successful business. With instant access to read or post online reviews, people are eager to share their experiences and view what others have to say before they commit to it. Reviews will help or haunt your business for years to come, so you need to do everything in your power to reduce the occurrences of bad ones and stockpile the good.

When customers wait in line for long periods, their frustration, contempt, and dissatisfaction grows at an exponential rate. The QLess waiting queue software gives customers the power to use their time to be productive instead of wasting it. Eliminate the line and you can raise customer satisfaction by up to 100%. Happy customers leave good reviews and recommend your business to new potential customers.

Get an edge over your competitors and contact QLess today for a free business demo of the waiting queue software!