How to Use QLess to Reduce Patient Waiting Time

There's no bigger dread for patients than seeing a long line in the waiting room especially when they're feeling bad. Long queues can oftentimes be the deciding factor on whether your patient chooses to use your services or search elsewhere. QLess understands the many downsides that come with long patient waiting times, so we decided to take action. Our team of experts has come together with a solution that can help you with how to reduce patient waiting time.

QLess has worked with several healthcare partners including hospitals, clinics, and private practices to deliver the world's first mobile queuing platform. Our solution, called FlexAppointments, combines a queue management system with analytics, mobile CRM, and marketing into one platform to revolutionize the way you make appointments. QLess FlexAppointments replaces the old methods in which patients waited in line, with dynamic virtual queues that allow patients to choose what time is best so they can avoid waiting in line.

Long Queues and How To Reduce Patient Waiting Time

If you run an operation in which individuals rely on your services, then you understand how important customer experience is, by allowing patients to choose their own appointment date and time, they can walk into your waiting room without having to wait in a line. Patients are sent SMS reminders and are also able to determine when reminders are sent, which reduces no-shows, while the traditional approach to figuring how to reduce patient waiting time would be to hire more staff, our method provides a cost-effective alternative. Rather than hiring more personnel just to handle the peak times of patients, why not help patients choose the times that are less busy. In the case of an emergency, the patient can provide a little extra information to your staff ahead of time. FlexAppointments allows your patients to make appointments, giving them the opportunity to skip waiting lines or come when patient queues are the shortest. It's a win-win for both you and your patients.

How QLESS is Used to Reduce Patient Waiting Time

You may be an urgent care provider who's looking to minimize patient queues in the waiting room or a clinic that would like to more efficiently manage its queues and reduce waiting time. There are several instances in which QLess aims to replace physical lines and waiting rooms with virtual, mobile lines. We take a closer look at a few industries to see how to reduce patient waiting time using FlexAppoinments.

QLess turns physical waiting lines into virtual queues by allowing patients to schedule their own appointments on their phones and receive messages as their appointment approaches. QLess sends text and email reminders to reduce no-shows. Our interactive appointment scheduling solution, FlexAppointments offers communication to connect your staff with patients. If on the day of an appointment, your patient is running late, they can request more time; likewise, if your appointments are running late that day, your staff can notify patients that the office is behind schedule.

The Benefits That Come from FlexAppointments

As a virtual queue solution, FlexAppointments greatly reduces patient queues. The solution also provides additional benefits that will both improve your patients' experience and the organization's bottom line.

Virtualizing your waiting room is the first step in figuring out how to reduce patient waiting time. The upfront investment needed to get FlexAppointments up and running is a fraction of the return you will be rewarded in the long run, if you are curious about the measurable outcomes and time it takes to make a return on FlexAppointments, QLess has developed an easy ROI calculator for you. It allows you to calculate tangible outcomes including an increase in productivity, when trying to figure out how to reduce patient waiting time, some of our customers have reported up to a 600% ROI when using QLess.

Customer Examples of Using FlexAppointments

QLess has worked with several customers to build their own virtual queues. Having worked with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers, many of our customers have used FlexAppointments to not only learn how to reduce their patient waiting time, but better operate their business.

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How To Reduce Patient Waiting Time With FlexAppointments

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The QLess solution is simple to implement and easy for your staff to manage. QLess is a hosted service that runs on our company's existing server infrastructure, no proprietary software is needed to get going and your customers won't need to download or install anything. All your customer needs to do is have access to a phone, computer, your company's kiosk, or tablet. Realizing how to reduce patient waiting time is the first step in your journey to transforming your customer experience and operations.

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