Benefit Patients With Reduced Waiting Time During COVID-19 And Beyond

Healthcare clinics, family doctors, and hospitals are essential businesses that are needed to continue to treat people, especially those suffering from COVID-19. During this pandemic, they need to evolve in their methods of healthcare delivery to keep employees and healthy patients safe from contracting coronavirus, which spreads even without people showing symptoms. This pandemic will likely change the face of healthcare delivery and patient experience forever. Prepare your business now for safe social distancing and reduce patient waiting times with QLess healthcare queue management.

Appointment Scheduling

QLess healthcare queue management software facilitates appointment scheduling for businesses such as appointment-only family doctor's offices and queue management for walk-in clinics and hospitals. As an appointment scheduler, patients have the option to make their appointments via an app on their cell phone, the company's website, or using the traditional method over the phone with a representative. Whatever method they select, patients can choose from various appointment times and dates. The software helps fill gaps and can seamlessly integrate walk-ins with already scheduled appointments.

Reduce Patient Waiting Times with QLess Appointment Scheduling

The QLess appointment scheduling app confirms appointments using text or voice messages sent directly to patients' cell phones. Patients can use their phones to check into their appointments and wait anywhere -- including outside of the healthcare facility. That means they can practice safe social distancing from their vehicle, outside areas, or wherever they prefer. When their appointment time draws near, the app alerts them. Healthcare employees then have the option to send direct messages to their cell phones giving them directions on when they should enter the building for service and where they should go for their appointment. With less face-to-face interaction with employees, appointments run more smoothly, scheduling follow-up appointments can be done remotely, and patient waiting times are greatly reduced. Sick patients are not grouped in waiting rooms with healthy ones, and patients and employees feel safer with higher levels of social distancing.

Improving Patient Waiting Times for Walk-In Clinics and Hospitals

Emergencies happen, and in those cases, there is no time to schedule an appointment. The QLess system also provides healthcare queue management for emergency services. Patients who need immediate help can join virtual lines for emergency rooms and walk-in clinics using an app on their cell phone, the company's website, or onsite kiosks. After they join the queue, alerts are sent to their cell phones giving them updates about their place in line and wait times. Patients are still free, and encouraged, to wait outside of the clinic, in their vehicles, or another area away from staff and other patients. Employees can easily manage patients using a real-time dashboard to review patients' needs, and they can send them direct messages. Unclogging the waiting room lets employees manage patients more quickly while slashing patient waiting times.

The benefits and features of the QLess system far outreach its use during the pandemic alone. The system lets healthcare businesses easily track customer satisfaction, transaction types and duration, and many more metrics that can help improve processes. Your patients and employees will likely love the new method of receiving and scheduling patients so much that they'll never want to go back to the old methods. The QLess system is easy and fast to implement. Request a free business demo today.