Do Your Bank Tellers Need a Break? Queue Management Systems Can Help

Queue management systems are new technologies that revolutionize the way customers wait in line and schedule appointments. For the last century, the "take-a-number" system has been the only upgrade to standing in a single file line. Now, businesses can take advantage of technology that almost everyone has in their pocket -- a cell phone. Queue management systems allow customers to join virtual queues and schedule their appointments from the convenience of an app or a company's website wherever they happen to be.

How Queue Management Systems Work

Once the customer has joined the virtual queue or made their appointment using their cell phone or an onsite kiosk, they receive immediate updates about their wait time and place in line. It gives them the ultimate freedom to wait wherever they want to, instead of crowding into a bank lobby. They can wait outside, in their vehicle, or at local businesses. The app continues to send them voice or text message notifications and can even give them more time if needed, without kicking them to the back of the queue. When it's their turn, the app alerts them and gives them directions on where to go.

Creating a Smooth Process for Bank Tellers

Employees using queue management systems have direct access to a real-time dashboard that lets them see what customers are waiting and what services they need. They have the option to send direct messages to each customer for a personalized approach. Customers waiting for routine withdrawals and deposits can be handled accordingly, while those wanting to open a new account or apply for a loan can be placed in a separate queue while they wait for service. Queue management systems increase operational efficiency in banks by sorting customers, giving tellers more control over the service flow, and keeping customers' satisfaction levels high and agitation levels low.

Keeping Tabs on Operational Efficiency in Banks

Queue management systems have more features and benefits than just keeping customers and employees happy. Owners of financial institutions can also record various kinds of pertinent data about both customers and employees, which can be downloaded in easy to read graphs and reports. Some of this information includes customer transaction types, duration of service times, wait times, return ratios, service outcomes, and satisfaction surveys. Using this data, you can track how quickly and efficiently your employees are working compared to other branches. You can even use this information to create employee incentive programs and improve weak areas in operations.

You know that busy times hit your bank and can cause long lines and wait times, which often lead to agitated customers and flustered employees. Create a better environment for service amongst both your customers and employees with the QLess queue management system. With an easy set-up process, you'll be up and running with a technology that gives you an edge over the competition in no time. Contact us today for a free business demo!